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ATTENDING A METHODIST FUNERAL? WHAT TO EXPECT Contact No. - (305) 226-1010 Website -

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Methodist church was founded in the 18th century in England by an Anglican priest named John Wesley. First Methodist church was built in Baltimore, Maryland in the year 1784. Today, Methodist denomination is one of the leading Christian denominations in the USA. If someone close to you passed away and belong to Methodist church, there are certain things you need to know if you are not from any Methodist church. So, before you go to your  funeral home Miami , here are some tips on how to attend a Methodist funeral . Methodist funerals are mostly religious as Methodist believes that life is eternal, and death is to be celebrated as it means eternal life with God. So, a funeral for people from the Methodist church is a time to affirm their faith, celebrate the life of the deceased person and express their grief.

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A Methodist funeral is held generally within two or three days after the passing of the person. Most of the time, a pastor is the church is informed immediately, and he often suggests which  funeral directors Miami, FL  to talk about the funeral. The funeral can also be held in a church, chapel at the cemetery and even in the home of the deceased person . Methodist funeral is mostly religious. The funeral service includes hymns, homily, and a eulogy by a close friend or family member. When you enter the funeral home Miami for the service, an usher will show you the seat and if are arriving late, please maintain silence as you go to your seat. Guests are also expected to sign the guest book. 

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Guests are expected to attend the interment. A graveside prayer will be recited by the pastor before the body is lowered or entombed. Some Methodist people also go for cremation, and in that case, the ashes are then scattered after the prayer by the pastor or buried.  Many times, a spray of flowers or pall may cover the casket. In case of the wake, it is done either before the funeral or days before the funeral. If there is to be any military, fraternal or civil rite, this will be done before the funeral at the interment site as such rites are not allowed during the wholly religious funeral service. 

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It is acceptable to send flowers to the deceased person home after you receive the news of the passing. You can also send some food. If you are sending flowers, talk to the  funeral directors Miami, FL  regarding what kind of flowers to send.  A Methodist funeral service is a somber religious affair, so you need to dress accordingly. Whether you are attending the service at the  funeral home Miami , or at the graveside, dress conservatively. It means dark colored clothes for both men and women. Men are expected to wear a tie and jacket. Also don’t use any recording devices, either for video or audio, during the funeral service.  Depending on how close you were to the person who passed away, you may be invited to the post-funeral reception. It is often held in the family home or at the church. 

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Contact Us BERNARDO GARCIA FUNERAL HOMES WESTCHESTER 8215 Bird Road Miami, FL 33155 Phone No.- (305) 226-1010 Email id - Website-

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