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In this presentation, Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home Miami is going to discuss about its services. They offer Funeral, Burial, Cremation and more funeral related services in Miami, Kendall, Westchester and Hialeah. They believe that celebration of life of a person should be unique. They plan meaningful and personalized funeral celebration.


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Unique Ideas for Customized Funerals :

Unique Ideas for Customized Funerals Bernardo Garcia Funeral Homes WESTCHESTER 8215 Bird Road Miami, FL 33155 Contact No. : (305) 226-1010 Website -

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Every single life is unique and has uncountable accomplishment, loving relationships, passionate and has a story like no other. The professionals at  funeral home Miami   believe that every celebration of life should be unique for every person. The experts plan meaningful and personalized funeral celebrations. From the food to the flowers, from music to the mementos each customized service pays a special tribute for the person . For a person residing in  Miami , it can be quite easy to plan a funeral for their loved ones based on their story, passion or any hobby for inspiration. The funeral homes aim towards providing you a beautiful service will a personal touch by weaving those special memories together.

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  Celebrate life’s spice with a BBQ funeral For some people, barbeque is more than just food. It is more than life for them. Starting with an outdoor barbeque, celebrate the life of a grill master by giving away jars of homemade sauce to the guests as mementos for some special remembrance . The last lap for a raving fan Westchester - a place for racing lovers can have funerals where friends and family stand in salute as a car or hearse carries the urn or casket makes turns on the track.  Funeral homes   can organize a peaceful moment later on, where the family members can share their favorite racing stores and receive personalized gifts as funeral favors by the funeral home in Miami.          A motorcycle funeral For motorcycle lovers, riding is not simply a hobby. A devoted biker should have a custom memorial service in Kendall  which captures his love for bikes organize a motorcycle procession with hundreds of bikers dressed in complete leather with the favorite read anthems being played on the speakers. Organize a ride from the  funeral home  to the cemetery with the urn kept in a sidecar which leads the entire procession .

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A disco send-off Unique celebrations are a must for unique lives. When it comes to creating customized and memorable funeral service, the  funeral home Miami  can help. If the person always thought of dancing or if she never went anywhere without her signature platforms heels, the most perfect memorial would be a disco funeral. Sometimes it’s totally okay to have some fun while planning a celebration of a life who lead their lives happily and joyfully. It becomes meaningful to incorporate the tiny details which can reflect the person’s nature and personality in any customized memorial service in  Hialeah .    A kayak remembrance For a person who was adventurous and spent his days padding rivers and lakes, a kayak funeral is perfect for them. Create a customized funeral service which can incorporate all the passion of the person for kayaking. An outdoor setting by their favorite stream with wind and trees in the background along with the chirping of birds could be the perfect location. You can organize the person’s kayak to transport the cremation urn, full of favorite flowers . Personalized funerals are the best way to send-off your loved ones. Honoring life with fine details and personal touches can create a lasting memory for the entire friends and family attending the service.

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Contact Us BERNARDO GARCIA FUNERAL HOMES WESTCHESTER 8215 Bird Road Miami, FL 33155 Phone No.- (305) 226-1010 Email id - Website-

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