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In this presentation we are discussing about the funeral home Miami services provided by the Bernardo Garcia Funeral Homes. If you want a favorable funeral home in Miami location, then feel free to contact us. At some point of time, we have to face this situation of saying last good bye to our friend or loved one. We provide best services and support to our family in Miami, Kendall, Westchester and Hialeah.


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How Does a Funeral Home Play an Important Role in Our Lives? :

How Does a Funeral Home Play an Important Role in Our Lives? Bernardo Garcia Funeral Homes Phone No. - (305) 226-1010 WESTCHESTER 8215 Bird Road Miami, FL 33155

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Life is made up of people who are our loved ones and who stand by us during difficult times. And when we lose them, it becomes our extreme responsibility to carry out the funeral of those persons in such a way that they would have expected from us. After all, it is the last time we can do something more for them. If you want a  funeral home Miami  is a favorable location in case, you live nearby and the  funeral directors Kendall FI  are great at the work . Why are funeral homes important? Mortality is the rule of life. At some point of time or the other, we have to face that situation of saying the last goodbyes to some people. Sometimes it is due to age while sometimes due to a mishap. Whatever the reason is, finally we carry out the process of a funeral for them. This is where funeral homes play their part. They are an important part of the community as they serve such a great purpose. It is a great service towards society by these funeral homes who perfectly handle the most difficult situations of life. They are a great support to all of us. Let us see what exactly the funeral homes do. Let us go through the various tasks they perform .

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What does a funeral home do? Based on the requirements of a family, funeral homes frame their work. They know that they have to make all the arrangements as per your expectations. They understand that every family is different and each one of them varies in their ways of carrying out the process. There can be differences in the religions and in the steps they follow. Following are some of the tasks that are performed by a funeral home: •     Burial : There are a number of ways in which a funeral can be carried out. One of these is burial which is among the most used methods. Various services included in burial are professional services by the funeral director and the staff of the same funeral home, removal of the deceased in a particular stretch of area and embalming, bathing and dressing.

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In addition to these, other necessary preparations of the deceased are also done. Then there is the availability of facilities for the visitation purpose. It can be a night when people come to visit the person and his or her family. Burial is also called entombment. •    Cremation : There are many services and facilities that are common in different kinds of funeral methods. In the case of cremation, the other services include use of laminated prayer cards, acknowledgment cards, a register book, and a metal crucifix or cross. The funeral home provides a facility for transportation. Transportation is needed when people have to reach some place where the process is to occur. Further, funeral homes do the task of getting permits from some health department. They also transact a death certificate which is again an important document. •    Ship-outs : Ship-outs are required when the family wants to take the body from one place to the other. In the case of ship-outs, they take the body to some other place and carry out the remaining rituals there only.

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To complete this work, a funeral home may perform some of the rituals in the beginning in the first place and do the rest after the transportation of the body. They also accept carrying out only a few of the rituals and let the family do the rest somewhere else. Caskets or containers are needed for the same.  Ship-in Burial : This one is about receiving the remains from some other funeral home. Here, the present funeral home brings the body and carries out the burial after that. Here again, most of the requirements and tasks are similar to little differences. Funeral hearse, a flower car, and a limousine are made available. Church services are also provided. A direct or an immediate burial is done. There are specific timings for every ritual. So funeral homes manage everything after consulting the family and then decide the complete process.  Ship-in Cremation : This is again receiving the remains from some other funeral home, but in this case, the purpose is cremation and not burial. Here a casket is required that can be taken on rent which is available at different prices. There are options to choose regarding the services and packages.

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•    Children/Memorial : This one is another facility in case of services for children. Depending upon the age of the child, the facilities and rates differ as compared to the others. For different ages, different rates are applicable. The size of the casket or the coffin also differs. Obituaries Obituaries form another important part of funerals. Funeral homes let the family post an obituary on their website so that it can be visible to more number of people. This way of paying tribute to the lost person is very old but respectful and memorable. To find a  funeral home Miami  can be an option if you stay nearby. The  funeral directors Kendall FI  are experienced and the best you can find in  Miami  and  Kendall .

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