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If you are looking for funeral home Miami that provides its services in different locations in Miami then feel free to contact Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home and get the reliable services in Westchester, Hialeah and Kendall locations. We focus on providing the best services in a very personal way to our families. We do our work with sincerity and full commitment. We are serving from past many years. Our services include Funeral, Memorial, Cremation, Disinterment and so on. Contact us and get our funeral services in a best possible way. Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home Miami Contact us- 305 226 1010 Email id- Link-


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Funeral Home Miami | Bernardo Garcia | USA Bernardo Garcia Funeral Homes 305 226-1010 WESTCHESTER 8215 Bird Road Miami FL 33155

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About Us • Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home Miami provides the professional services to its families. Contact them for complete funeral services in your city Miami. Directors and staffs are experienced and are always ready to serve anytime. • Death of a loved one can have a devastating effect on a person. But then this is the fact of life which we cannot deny. Once we see that near and dear one breathe the last breath the next thing that comes to the mind is making arrangements for the burial. • Now this is such a difficult time. Your heart and mind are in a total mess and at the same time you have to ensure that the cremation arrangements are all in place. This burden can be handled with ease if you opt for the services of a good burial home like Bernardo Garcia. Now there will be many of you who will wonder if a burial service provider will do the needful with the same love and sincerity that you as a friend or relative would have done for the deceased. If it is Bernardo Garcia then you need not have any doubts about the quality of service that they will provide.

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Bernardo Garcia - Service with a Personalized Touch: • This is one funeral home which has been providing this noble service from past many decades. 5 generations of this family have dedicated their lives to this noble cause. One of the biggest reasons that one must select the services of this funeral home is that they provide the services with a personal touch. They know how difficult it can be for a person to come to terms with the loss of loved ones. So when Bernardo Garcia is given the task of arranging for the burial or cremation they will make sure that all the arrangements are done in the best possible way.

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Array of Packages as per the Individual’s Requirements: • Bernardo Garcia knows very well that the requirements and budget of every family or individual will be different. Therefore Bernardo Garcia provides different packages from which the person can choose one that suits their requirement and budget. They have packages like a traditional full-service funeral that includes all the necessary preparation of the deceased and all the other facilities that are required. This is one of those Funeral homes which also provide packages like immediate burial service and limited service funeral. They also provide services like ship-out ship in burial disinterment etc. Bernardo Garcia also provides obituaries casket and other services. They also have services where one can register in advance for their own funeral.

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• Multi-Location: People from Miami Hialeah Westchester Florida can opt for the services of this funeral home. If you are looking for Funeral homes Miami that provides service in different locations then Bernardo Garcia is one of the best options. They provide services in Westchester Hialeah and Kendall. The services provided in all the three locations are the best. • Professionals with a familial touch: When it is said that Bernardo Garcia is highly professional in their approach it means that they are focused on providing the best services to the customers. But while maintaining their professionalism they do not forget that this is a difficult moment for the family involved. Hence they provide professional service in a very personal way. They are in fact a shoulder to cry on. It is like a family understanding a family in one of the most difficult times of life.

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Selfless Work for the Community: • Bernardo Garcia is committed to providing the best services to the community. They do their work with full commitment and sincerity. They have provided services to a large number of families who will vouch about the type of services that Bernardo Garcia has provided to all its clients. They are working for a noble cause with a selfless attitude. • The reasons why one should opt for the services of Bernardo Garcia are endless. So if you need their help then all that you need to do is get in touch with them. You can fill up their online form or directly get in touch with them. Explain your requirements and they will suggest the package. Once you have selected the required package they will take care of the rest of the arrangements. This funeral home is best in all the services that they provide and hence you can rest assured that you will get the best services.

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• Death is a certainty. Once a loved one closes his eyes forever he gets detached with the worldly things but the mortal remains have to be cremated with due to respect and love. Now this can be such a difficult thing. It is next to impossible for the teary-eyed loved ones to make the arrangements. But finally it has to be done. This burden of arranging for the burial of a near and dear one can be reduced by opting for a funeral home who will make arrangements for these things. • There are a large number of funeral service providers in the US. But if you are looking out for one that will provide the services with a personal healing touch then you have to select Bernardo Garcia who has been providing this service from past many years. They are one of the best service providers who are committed to providing excellent services. There are a number of packages which are available at competitive rates. All the arrangements are done by this funeral home in the best possible way and they will make sure that they provide the most compassionate service to the community.

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Contact Us BERNARDO GARCIA FUNERAL HOMES WESTCHESTER 8215 Bird Road Miami FL 33155 Phone No.- 305 226-1010 Email - Website-

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