Fund Her Projects - Crowdfunding For Small Business of Women

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Fund Her Projects - Best ever crowdfunding website for women empowerment. Must see this presentation to know all about us.


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Innovative Funding Platform Just For Women.

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FundHerProjects is the largest Global Sponsorship & Crowdfunding platform specially designed by and for women seeking funding.

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FundHerProjects is passionate about helping women get the support they need.

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We serve to empower women’s start-ups or expand her current projects, whether personal or professional.

How it works:

How it works Whether it’s money, members or mothers’ needs, can help. Users can choose whether they want to : 1 ) Get needed funding 2) Support other women's funding needs

Steps For Your Campaign Success:

Steps For Your Campaign Success Clearly explain your idea, need or project. Share your story. Be Transparent. Use visuals, such as photos and videos to make your campaign more appealing. Provide lots of small but unique incentives or rewards for donor support. Tell everyone you know about your campaign before and after it launches. Interact with current supporters by providing project updates.

Now Start Your Fundraising Campaign:

Now Start Your Fundraising Campaign

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