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T-Series Presents First Time In India A Very Unique Product

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T-Series I Bhakti Sagar

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Basic Features and Specs

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Bhakti Sagar – Supports Video Playability with following formats MP4 AVI 3GP Video Player Video Recorder With Bhakti Sagar user can record videos of their memorable moments. Require T-Flash card to record Videos

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From the imaging point of view the Bhakti sagar can help you take sharp pictures with an integrated 1.3 MP camera located on its back. The camera supports three resolutions which include 1.3 MP (1280x960) VGA (640 x 480 pixels), QVGA (320 x 240 pixels), and QQVGA (160 x 120 pixels) with zoom facility The picture quality is enhanced by a photo light even in low light conditions. Scene mode, Effect settings control and white balance control are some added features that can prove quite useful. Digital Camera

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Bhakti Sagar is packed with LED Torch which is useful for many occasions when a user require torch, Bhakti sagar comes as a handy torch LED Torch With Dedicated Center Key Bhakti sagar On Screen Interactive UI lets you access the most desired features quickly. Quick Access

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Music phones are great but sometimes you still want radio. A cell phone with FM radio lets you listen to music you haven't yet heard, it lets you hear talk radio, it simply gives you different options than what you can get with your MP3s. Tune in to the FM radio, sit back and enjoy. The recorder function enables you to record what you are listening to on the radio. Hear a song you like? Just press record and you can save the song to your mobile. These two functions work together well to provide users greater convenience and entertainment. FM Radio With Recording

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Bhakti Sagar gives you an advantage of two SIMs in one phone. You will be able to access 2 different SIM cards. Whether they want to take advantage of different calling plans, or want to keep their business and personal calls separate, the Bhakti sagar provides the convenience of two cell phones with a one-mobile solution. DUAL SIM

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Bhakti Sagar comes with Mobile Tracker feature. Now you can track your favorite phone in case of any unfortunate event. Mobile Tracker Contacts Back up User can take back up of their contacts on micro SD card.

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Bluetooth Connect like never before, no wires attached, with Bluetooth transfer your files, without hassle and with greater ease. Bluetooth provide great connectivity, helping you get the most out of your mobile experience. The technology enables communication with other Bluetooth allows you to connect wirelessly, perfect for having hands-free conversations.

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External micro SD slot supports expandable memory up to 8 GB User can store their all multimedia files. Like - MP3s , Videos, images. Expandable Memory

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Internet Access You can access all your favorite websites through GPRS. Through MMS user can share Picture and Voice messages to their friends, loved ones and others MMS

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Longer battery life prolongs talk time and mobile usage between battery charges. You will be able to access the roaming feature of the mobile, which is constantly searching for phone signal connections to the SIM cards, without depleting battery power. The larger battery compensates for the power-consuming roaming features, allowing users to access the features of the mobile without affecting the usability. Big Battery – 1300 mAh

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Large Screen to Display (2.2”TFT 65K Colour) Hindi, English Language A pack of multi languages i.e. Hindi, English. You can see Menus and Sub-menus, write /read SMS in Hindi. Now you have the freedom of choosing the language of your choice. Feast your eyes on films and images in 65K colors. On the razor-sharp 2.2” inches screen, you'll enjoy them as they're meant to be seen.

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Bhakti Sagar Music player supports all major formats. MP3 MIDI WAV AMR Feature's signature sound-isolating design and the Dynamic Micro Speaker technology, which purports to offer a "warm, detailed audio listening experience” Audio Player Ear Phone with 3.5mm Jack

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Flight Mode Speed Dial Task List Alarm Calculator Unit Converter Health Stopwatch World Clock Calendar E-book Reader Answering Machine Mobile Number Locator Phone book – 500 nos. Messages - 200 nos.

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General Specifications DUAL SIM GSM Network (MHz): 900,1800 Battery Power (in mAh) 1300 Phonebook Capacity: 500 SMS: 200 Memory Card Support Capacity: 8 GB Screen Resolution: 176 x 220 Screen type : TFT Screen size Inches 2.2 Ring Tones: MP3, polyphonic Language Support: Hindi, English Camera 1.3 MP JAVA YES Technical Specifications

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Gift Box Contents of Bhakti Sagar T Series Bhakti Sagar Mobile Phone - 1 Unit Battery (1300mAh) - 1 Nos. Travel Charger - 1 Nos. Dual Stereo Corded Headset - 1 Nos. User’s Manual - 1 Nos. After Sales Service Centre List - 1 Nos. Warranty Card - 1 Nos.

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T- Series I Bhakti Sagar The Unique Features

What is there in Bhakti Sagar?:

What is there in Bhakti Sagar? Bhakti Sagar has those applications which give an edge over the other phones in market. These applications are listed below Bhakti Sagar Application SOS App Jyotirling – Teertha Yatra App Yoga App Makhan Chor Java Game

Bhakti Sagar Application:

Bhakti Sagar Application Setup of Bhakti Scheduler Select Bhakti Application from Menu Select Bhakti Scheduler Select ‘Yes’ to schedule daytime Aarti Select ‘on’ and set time as per your convenience, set repeat mode to ‘once’, ‘Everyday’, or ‘custom’ Press Done’ & ‘Yes’ to save settings Repeat the same procedure to set evening Aarti How to use Launch the application The application launches as per the time set through the Bhakti scheduler application. Alternatively the application can also be started manually by clicking on the Bhakti Sagar icon in the menu

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When the application launches, you will see the splash screen as shown above Information Screen After the splash screen is shown, an information screen is displayed which ask you to clean your hands and feet before moving ahead. Once you follow the instructions, press “select” on the bottom left.

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The Language Selection Screen After the information screen, the phone displays the language option screen If you are using it for the first time, you are required to select any of the languages from the given set of languages. Once you select a particular language, all Aartis of that language and daytime will be displayed on screen.

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If this is not the first time then a message is displayed “Language is Hindi Press 0 to change”. You can change the current language by pressing “0” Aarti Selection Screen Now a screen is shown with Aartis which suit that particular day and time You can select any of them to start playing or you will have options to select all aartis for that particular day or all aartis for that particular language

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Play Aarti Once you select a particular Aarti, it will start playing and one by one all aartis will be played from the selected set. You can also pause the aarti if there is a need to do so, by pressing on the pause button


SOS How to Setup and Use SOS feature SOS feature enables the user to call for help in emergency, by keeping the SOS key(given on the side of the phone) pressed for 7 seconds. User has an option of predefining 3 emergency numbers. When SOS key is pressed, an SOS sms will be sent to those numbers. SMS content will be “I am in emergency. Please help”. Device will wait for 20 seconds to receive a call from either of those 3 numbers. If the call is not received, the device will automatically start to make calls to those numbers, one after another until call to any number is answered Setup Go to Menu Go to SOS and select Feed any 3 numbers and save Select back to exit, your SOS is complete

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The added advantage of the SOS feature is that the process continues as long as a successful call is not made to any of those 3 emergency numbers & is not affected by any of the interrupts like call from an un-known number or an SMS. SOS key is provided as dedicated key

Jyotirling – Teertha Yatra App :

Jyotirling – Teertha Yatra App The application allows you to do darshan and puja and also explains you the origin and significance of 12 Jyotirlings. Somnath Mallikarjuna Mahakaleshwara Omkareshwara Vaidyanath Bhimashankar Ramnareshwaram Nageshwar Vishwanath Tryambkeshwar Kedarnath Ghushmeshwar

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How to use The application can also be started manually by clicking on all the 12 Jyotirling application icon in menu When the application launches you will see the splash screen as shown above

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Slide Show After the splash screen is shown, the phone displays a slide show of all 12 Jyotirling images which can be skipped by clicking on the skip option while proceeding to the menu.

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Menu Screen After the completion of Slide show, the phone displays a Menu screen which has the following options Darshan Clicking on this menu will show you the images of 12 Jyotirling which will appear one by one on clicking the left and right keys Each of the images has a left soft key option “info” which shows the information about the selected Jyotirling

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Puja Puja has auto and manual options to select Auto This option automatically starts the process of offering Puja, garlanding and other important aspects also of performing it. Manual This option shows few keys on screen which by pressing demonstrates various actions to perform Puja

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The following steps are followed in Bilva Patram Samarpayami (Key 1 in manual mode) Pushpanai Samrpayami (Key 2 in manual mode) Aaraartikam Samarpayami (Key 3 in manual mode)

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INFO Info menu shows “Help” to use the application and “Description” section which has the following sub menus Significance This section demonstrates the significance of “ Shiv Lingam” Origin This section displays the information about the origin of “Lingodbhava” Glory This section displays the information about the glory of all 12 Shivling across India

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Nature This section explains “Shivling” and its importance and similarities to the forces of nature Map This section shows a map of India with each of 12 Shivling marked on it


Yoga There are three Yogas as listed below in Yoga application Surya Pranam Kapalbhati Anulom Vilom All the yogas are shown with their respective pictures and positions. For better understanding of these yogas, instructions are also displayed on screen by pressing ‘0’

Makhan Chor :

Makhan Chor This game is about little Kanha who tries to break the pots of Gopis by throwing pebbles. As the number of broken pots increases so is your score

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Available at : DP – Rs …. MRP – Rs …. T-Series I Bhakti Sagar

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JAI MATA DI !!! T-Series I Bhakti Sagar

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