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Justice: The constant will to render to another that which is due to him or her. : 

Justice: The constant will to render to another that which is due to him or her.

Distributive justice and the Common Good : 

Distributive justice and the Common Good A meal is not a common good, but a collective good. As the number of participants increases each one actually possesses less of that good. A common good is not diminished by an increase in participants. It is a good possessed as a whole by each individual without its becoming anyone’s private good. Each one, but more especially the duly-constituted authority must pursue and guarantee the common good.

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Examples: Sociability A family Truth Cultural heritage Education God and a religious heritage Public security International peace A just and legal political system Etc.,.

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The virtue by which we exercise the acts of all the virtues in relation to the common good. General Injustice – general lawlessness. Indifference to the common good. General (Legal) Justice

Commutative Justice : 

Commutative Justice In general, commutative justice is the willing of equality with respect to what is due another.

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RESPECT FOR THE GOODS OF OTHERS RIGHT TO PRIVATE PROPERTY Guarantees freedom and dignity of persons (plan his future, security) - Helps meet his basic needs and of those in his charge (family) - Does not abolish the universal destination of goods. SEVENTH COMMANDMENT

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Deed Murder Physical Assault False imprisonment Adultery Other sins against the Seventh Commandment (CCC 2409, 2414) Word Cursing (willing injury to another by invoking evil upon him). Mockery (the vice by which a person laughs contemptuously at another or intends to cause shame in another by making known, in a jesting manner, his vices). Other sins against the Eighth Commandment (CCC 2478-2481) Vices Against Commutative Justice

Virtues Allied with Justice : 

Virtues Allied with Justice Potential parts of justice (fall short of the strict meaning of justice). Moral debt rather than a strict legal debt.

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Spending money on the flesh that leads one to take no pleasure in virtue The proper and reasonable stewardship of excess riches Inordinate love of possessing

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The virtue by which one acknowledges some benefit or favor done by someone else.

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Or “Sincerity.” The virtue of speaking and acting in accord with truth. We have a moral debt to express ourselves truthfully.

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THE RIGHT TO TRUTH AND GOOD REPUTATION EIGHTH COMMANDMENT Honor – external recognition of someone’s excellence Reputation – common opinion about the goodness of somebody

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DEFAMATION Detraction (true) or slander or calumny (lie) Gossip or rumor-mongering Cooperation -Induce by asking questions -Approvingly listen (or read) -Fail to prevent

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FALSE WITNESS -statement contrary to truth made publicly in court PERJURY – when under oath

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RASH JUDGMENT- Firm assent of the mind to the guilt of another without sufficient reason FLATTERY, ADULATION- words or attitudes which encourage or confirm another in malicious acts or perverse conduct. BOASTING or BRAGGING-

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Vindication: the virtue by which one, in conformity with relevant circumstances, observes due measure in meting out punishment to one who has committed some moral offense. It is willing of punishment for the sake of preserving the just order and restraining evildoers.

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Affability: the virtue by which one promotes and maintains agreeable relations in social life. It is a friendliness, an establishment of cordial relations with others (not the same as friendship).

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The virtue inclining the will to correct law when law fails to apply in particular instances.

The Most Important Virtues Allied with Justice : 

The Most Important Virtues Allied with Justice Piety: The virtue by which we manifest the respect and honor we owe to our relatives, especially our parents (filial piety), and our country (patriotism).

The Most Important Virtues Allied with Justice : 

The Most Important Virtues Allied with Justice Veneration (Observance): The virtue by which we show honor and respect to persons who are in a position of dignity and/or authority. Prime Minister, a court judge, Premier of a Province, teacher, vice-principal, principal, police officer, etc.,.

The Most Important Virtues Allied with Justice : 

The Most Important Virtues Allied with Justice Religion: The habit of rendering in some way what is due to God. Man cannot do complete justice to God. In order to give anything back to Him, it has to be given to us first. Gift always precedes justice.

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Acts of Religion Interior Exterior Devotion Prayer Adoration Sacrifice Vices contrary to Religion: superstition (excess): see CCC 2116 irreligiousness or irreverence.

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