What is Power Flushing and Do I Need It?


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Does Your Radiator Require a Power Flushing Plumbing and heating engineers provide many different plumbing and heating services for domestic plumbing solutions. They are trained to install and replace parts in your plumbing and heating system as well as identify faults and give you a solution. There are many reasons to contact your local plumber whether it is an emergency or an annual boiler service your local plumbing company are here to help. Sometimes you can experience problems with your central heating system more specifically with your radiators. This can be extremely stressful and inconvenient especially during the colder months when you need your heating the most. In these situations you should contact a plumbing company to repair your radiators. Common Radiator Problems There are a few common problems that can occur with your radiators directly or your heating system that can affect your radiators including:  Radiators that are slow to heat up  Radiators that don’t heat up at all  Radiators that require frequent bleeding  Your radiators making banging or gurgling noises  Your heating pump breaking down Power Flushing Services from a Local Plumber If you are experiencing problems with your radiators and central heating there may be an issue with the circulation of hot water throughout your heating and plumbing system. It may also be an issue inside your radiators such as a build up of sludge which can cause heating problems. There may also be air trapped in the pipes or your radiators that prevents hot water and air from circulating through your home. Power flushing is the industry standard solution for effectively clearing out your central heating system of blockage. A power flushing service is a fast and reliable method for restoring your home’s heating and radiators. A plumbing engineer will use a solution of water that is usually mixed with a chemical cleaning agent. This solution is used to cleanse the pipes in your property from dirt and sludge that has built up over the years. The water solution is flushed through your heating system using a special machine to pump it through at a high enough pressure to clear out build up. It is flushed at a low pressure but a high velocity so that it causes no damage to the plumbing.

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Benefits of Power Flushing Services Power flushing is a simple solution to boost the efficiency of your heating. Here are some benefits to utilising a power flushing service from an experienced plumber:   Radiator heat output will be restored   Reduces future problems from occurring   It descales the system and removes corrosive water   Your heating will be restored to maximum efficiency reducing energy costs    Power flushing cleans the entire heating system of sludge and other debris  Circulation and flow problems will be cured  Treatment in the power flushing prevents further corrosion  Removes the noise from noisy boilers

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