Things to do in El Centro for Vacations


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Stretching along the Lake Michigan, Navy Pier is the place that takes care of the entertainment of your entire family. Ferris wheel is one of the places of attraction here. Other rides and swings too will delight your children. The place further offers a game of golf for the grown-ups. If you think that the place has many good spots suiting your holiday taste, then you can book your Frontier Airlines today!


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Things to do in El Centro for Vacations El Centro is situated in the largest city of the Imperial Valley situated in California United States. With great canyons mountains volcanoes and immense region of desert El Centro is known for its famous attractions. One can experience the fantastic landscape views here and witness the splendid wildlife. The city has a lot more to offer in its downtown area. Make your Spirit Airlines now and get discounts by visiting the airline’s website now Here are a few of the top attractions at El Centro: BUCKLIN PARK Bucklin Park has been there for over 15 years and has consistently been the greatest park in El Centro. Numerous local people come here to take a walk and relax. Visiting here at the dawn time and evening is ideal. You can easily find the places for Barbecues with sheds over the area and picnic zones which are definitely secured. There is a big grass area that is all around here is well maintained. Flocks of ducks that are superbly moving around can be fed. PIONEER MUSEUM Pioneer Museum is a spot loaded up with many historical data. The gallery has an immense variety of files archives newspapers evidence of clothing and numerous different antiques of the early pioneers

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of this region. This museum praises and celebrates the gallantry of people who served for the nation during the Civil Wars. IMPERIAL SAND DUNES These sand dunes are the favorite among the other places of El Centro. A large number of international travelers visit here. It stretches out along the east edge of the Imperial Valley. This 40-mile hill area is one of the biggest in the United States. The biggest and tallest dunes are situated in the middle zone and to the west side. WOMAN OF GUADALUPE CHURCH This is a perfect place where one can seek peace and witness the wonderful interiors. The Lady of Guadalupe Church in El Centro is the oldest church in the region. Many disciples give a visit here on a daily basis. This church welcomes all groups of people belonging to any religion and take part in offering prayer. Visit the Spirit Airlines Flights now to pre-book your Spirit Airlines Tickets

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