Frog OS for existing Frog 3 customers

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Frog OS for existing Frog 3 customers


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Frog OS for existing Frog 3 customers:

Frog OS for existing Frog 3 customers

Frog OS:

Frog OS Simple User Interface Tablet/device ready interface Visually refresh your existing platform at little/no cost Free upgrade to existing secondary schools (managed services) with the option to switch it on

Frog OS is a separate platform:

Frog OS is a separate platform Created using latest HTML 5 technology Richer functionality Drag and drop Individual creativity of school Tablet and device compatible Usability All skill levels can use this platform Minimum training/Training through webinars


Linking Frog OS and Frog 3 are completely separate platforms Frog 3 can be linked to FrogOS Content in Frog 3 is not lost Frog 3 platform can be opened in its entirety or can link to an area of Frog 3 SSO between Frog OS and Frog 3 Link to Frog 3 in the ‘Quick Launch’ menu Links to Frog 3 ‘Page after login’ Expose URLs to Frog OS sites so that they can be linked – this includes from within Frog3. Once linked and accessed, user continues to use Frog 3 as a separate platform

Frog OS:

Frog OS Premise of Frog OS is Sites Easy to drag and drop widgets onto a page Easy to edit text, pages and resources Pin Point available to search resources and add to a page immediately Quizzes/polls simple to create and use

Data Integration:

Data Integration Still in development SSO Profiles Users Groups Calendar (new only) Timetables No merging/synchronisation of data between the two platforms yet – under review User Files Assessment

Transition for schools -Strategies-:

Transition for schools -Strategies- Tablet/device designed Instance new interface Simpler content creation through ‘Site Builder’ Easier distribution of content Assigning and sharing The Journey - roadmap of new apps appearing

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