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Accra your Next destination for Vacations:

Accra your Next destination for Vacations Accra is the capital city of Ghana with total population of 2 million, making it Ghana's most populated city. Before the British rule on this part of West Africa, Accra was a compilation of Ga villages which were established in 17 th Century, but after British ruled this part and Accra became the capital of Ghana in 1877. The common languages spoken in Accra are English, and Ga .

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Accra is a rambling city, with a mixture of lively markets, modern buildings, occasional castle and shanty towns. Makola Market is the central commercial hub of the city because of having the Gulf of Guinea or the Atlantic Ocean in south of the Makola market. The eastern part of the city center and northern of Kotoka International airport is where you will find most of the embassies, hotels, and smarter residential areas, whereas the shanty towns of Accra are mostly to the west of the city center.

Travel to Accra :

Travel to Accra Unlike other states of Africa, Accra is far safer than other capitals. Private taxi and tro are the easiest way to get around to Accra. Though most of the areas are in Accra are walk-able, but because of its hot and humid weather, you should stay hydrated and for that you will find the readily available water baggies and coconut stands across the streets. If you want to enjoy the nightlife at Accra then having a long walk on beach is a perfect thing to do. Though it’s not good to walk alone, not because of security concerns but because it’s good to have someone who knows about where to go and how to go, same like when you opt for best airline service, and if you are looking for a reliable airline then check out Arik Air UK  for exceptional rates and service, I had wonderful experience with Arik airline, best rates, well trained staff, and flawless service, in short you must consider Arik air booking for your trip.

Accra Travel Info :

Accra Travel Info There are many hotels in Accra varying in their luxurious rooms and cost. Some of them have wifi connection, TV sets, luxurious pools, clean rooms etc. Some of the best hotels in Accra are listed below: Labadi Beach Hotel, Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Hotel Green, Mariset Hostel, Tropical Enclave Hotel, Afia African Village etc.

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