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Henry Madden Library:

Henry Madden Library A short video of the history of the library

Main Source of Recorded knowledge:

Main Source of Recorded knowledge

The history of the library:

The history of the library

Henry Miller Madden:

Henry Miller Madden In 1981, the Library was named for Henry Miller Madden. He was the University Librarian from 1949 to 1979. Madden was a bibliophile and scholar who developed the Library’s collection that we have today.

Native American influence:

Native American influence There was a $105 million renovation and addition to the Henry Madden Library. The library honors the long legacy of one of the region’s Native American tribes.

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The five-story elliptical entry tower made of steel, glass and wood lattice and zinc sunscreen conveys the design of Native American woven baskets. The Table Mountain Rancheria Reading Room is in honor of the tribe.

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On the north side of the library, a massive LED installation depicts a basket weaver. Again, conveying the Native American lifestyle.

Resources :

Resources The library is more than 360, 000 square feet. There is seating for more than 3, 500 students and visitors. Largest installation of open access, electronic compact shelving on a single floor in the country! The library stores more than one million volumes.

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The library has a Learning Center that offers tutoring in a variety of subject areas. The library has a laptop lending service The library has a Phil Station to add funds to your bulldog card for printing and scanning. Extensive databases

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The library has media collections where you can checkout DVD’s, CD’S and other media formats. The library an extensive collection of hardcopy journals And finally the library has a STARBUCKS!

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