What is Hospital Mattress and Where to Buy It?

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Hospital mattresses also known as medical mattresses are used in hospital beds. There are various types of hospital mattress available in the market such as Foam mattress, Alternate pressure pads and pump and Air Jet mattress.


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What is Hospital Mattress and Where to Buy It?:

What is Hospital Mattress and Where to Buy It?

Hospital Mattresses:

Hospital Mattresses Generally hospital mattresses also called medical mattresses are not as comfortable as your own  home bed mattress . Hospital bed mattresses are very different from the mattresses we use at home. They are designed keeping in mind the firmness of the edges and the thickness as well as the safety concerns of the patients.

Types of Hospital Mattresses:

Types of Hospital Mattresses Foam mattress:  A foam mattress used in hospital is of higher density such as 32, 40 density. They are treated with antimicrobial technology. The material covering the mattress is generally rexine or plastic to ensure waterproofing. Alternate pressure pads and pump:  Hospital Mattresses based on alternating pressure pads and pumping system. The air output is 6-8L/min and pressure ranges from 30mmHg and 100 mmHg. Air Jet mattress:  These hospital mattresses have small holes on the surface to reduce humidity level, foul air and microbial growth. The air output in air jet mattress is 3.5-4L/min and pressure ranges from 50mmHg and 90mmHg. Some   Different Types of Hospital Mattress  -

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Foam Mattress Alternate pressure pads and pump Air Jet mattress

How to Choose The Right Hospital Mattress?:

How to Choose The Right Hospital Mattress? Size –  The Standard size of hospital bed mattress is 36″ Wide and 80″Length but some mattresses are also can be extend to 84 inches. Flexibility –  It should be flexible and not be break after bed adjustment because many hospital beds comes with adjustable position so for such beds, adjustable mattresses are highly considered. User mobility –  If a patient spends more hours in bed then foam mattress is good option.

Where to Buy Hospital Mattress in India?:

Where to Buy Hospital Mattress in India? After evaluating all the hospital mattresses your question will be that where to buy Hospital mattress in India and the answer is Fresh Up. Fresh Up mattress brand offers premium quality Foam Mattress for Hospitals using Rexine cover, FR fabric keeping in view all the standards.

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Contact us Fresh Up Mattresses B-15, Site B Surajpur Industrial Area, Distt . Gautam Budh Nagar-201306, UP Toll Free No - 1800-3010-1711 Website: www.freshupmattresses.com

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