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FreshCrop has been creating easy-to-use and award winning photo recovery software for Windows and Mac since 2001. With MediaRECOVER photo and data recovery software and services recovery of lost files from all digital camera media and hard drives is easy.


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Windows Photo Recovery Software:

Windows Photo Recovery Software Get Back your Lost Windows Photos Many people, like me, have tendency to be care less about their clicked pictures and then they regret because some pictures are really valuable and no other thing can take their place. But now it’s time to relax as there are vital chances to get the deleted pictures back easily. Sometimes it is not our fault but hard disks or memory cards encounter problems and that result into loss of our valuable pictures and images. These important files can now be recovered by using advance techniques. Before Photo Recovery:- First of all you should remove your memory card or stop using hard disk right once you realize that you have experienced loss of data. In fact, when a photo is deleted from a computer the system does not delete the file immediately it only hides the file from view and arranges it to be written over as soon as any new data lands; we still got some time to get that photo recovered and save our lives. So even if you accidently empty your recycle bin with pictures, then you should try branded photo recovery software on your hard drive instantly. Ways to Avoid Data Loss:- Suffering power loss, while writing to memory card or hard disk, leads to image loss. Always carry an extra battery with you and change it when required because it is the most common cause of the loss of files, images or photos. Best Solution for Image Recovery:- If the computer has a card reader, then connect your card to the computer, instead of using camera’s USB connection as the camera can often interfere with the connection if there is a virus in memory card. If the pictures were deleted from computer’s hard disk, check your computer’s cache memory. Windows sometimes stores images in the cache memory and these can be easily recovered. To know more about Photo Recovery Software, Plz visit us at

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