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Presentation Description Welcome to our French leaseback support website. Our dedicated French English Speaking Lawyer help you to investment on French leaseback property and offers all the information about French real estate law.


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Real estate in France can be tricky  Buying real estate in France: Preliminary agreements  Deposit after signing a preliminary agreement  What contract should my French lawyer review  Selling Real Estate in France  Choosing a Real Estate Agent in France  What kind of contract should I sign with the real estate agent in France  Eviction of a Tenant in France unpaid rent  Buying property in France that needs refurbishing  Real estate Latent Defects hidden defects  Can I terminate the lease

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LEASE BACK INVESTMENTS IN FRANCE  Termination of a Commercial Lease due to unpaid rents  Termination of a Commercial Lease in France  Charges and Commercial Lease in France  Obligations of the managing/operating company  Responsibilities for lease hold repairs.  Selling a Commercial Lease in France  Legal solutions and Litigation in France  The notice period under the French Law  What should I do if my tenant in France is not paying rent  4 pitfalls to avoid when investing in a student residence  Trap: serviced residence rents which are too high  Service premises in a co-ownership

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CLIENTS REVIEWS Settlement Successfully Negotiated We only wish we had involved him earlier We fell into a dispute over the findings of a ground study and no longer wanted to complete our French property purchase. We felt that French Law supported our case but were unable to persuade the seller and the notaire was unhelpful. We quickly became comfortable communicating our position in English and trusting M. Traesch to represent us to the other parties. He successfully negotiated the return of our deposit at a reasonable cost. Mike C. London UK

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CLIENTS REVIEWS Get the money which belonged to us Unpaid Rent French Lease Back We were so lucky to find Adrienne who rescued us from our leaseback problems. After lies misinformation and delays from the developer Adrienne protected us and was able to get the money which belonged to us. The French legal system is fair but difficult to understand for foreigners. Adrienne’s legal skills her persistence on our behalf and her ability to communicate perfectly in English were a tremendous benefit. We highly recommend her. Jack Chris Arizona USA

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CLIENTS REVIEWS Fighting my corner Unpaid Rent of a Leaseback Property My “flat” is split into 2 self-contained rooms. I had a phone call with the manager who was claiming that he is not the tenant liquidation and change of company litigation was the only way. I employed the services of Bruno Traesch. He has been very efficient in fighting my corner. We have won all our court cases … I would seriously recommend his services to you all. Nick England United Kingdom

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OUR SOLUTIONS  Our Network connected to notaries bailiffs real estate agents translators and the leading website for the English Speaking Community in France  French Commercial Lease Fixtures inventory and charges inventory -New Lease – Renewal of a Commercial Lease in France – Content of the Charges Inventory- Inventory of Charges and Taxes  Can I terminate the lease Rent due date – Unpaid Rent – Termination of the commercial lease – Procedure in case of rent non-payment – lawyer in France  French Real Estate Contracts Preliminary agreements – Buying Real Estate in France

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Me BRUNO TRAESCH  Born and raised in Paris France.  Rugby club and university and school  International High School Sorbonne University Law School Paris and Sciences-po Paris media.  Round the World Travel 2005  French Ambassy Consulate general Sydney New South Wales Australia.  Member of the Bar of Paris  Phd Doctoral Thesis Online Dispute Resolution Sorbonne University 04- 09  Lawyer in several International Law Firms in Paris Vaughan Kuckenburg Koan.  TRAESCH AVOCAT launched in 2010.  Jodo and Kobudo Screenplay writing French History Contemporary Art E-mail: bruno.traesch

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Me ADRIENNE PROT  Born and raised in Paris France.  Sorbonne University Law School Paris Institute of Criminology Paris  Member of the Paris Bar 2003  Round the World Travel 2005  Lived in Sydney New South Wales Australia.  PROT AVOCAT launched in 2007  Alternative Dispute Resolution International School Degree 130 hours Paris Bar course  Non-Violent communication training Course Paris  Negociation training course in English-International Association of Lawyers  Yoga mediation simple things happiness. E-mail: adrienne.prot

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CONTACT US RESPONSE WITHIN A BUSINESS DAY 164 Rue Courcelles75017 Paris France Phone: + 33 0 EMail: Website:

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