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JustEat Clone - Swiggy Clone - Zomato Script http://www.phpscriptdirectory.com/products/Y12h7885/3swM6537/clone-script/justeat.html

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About The Script • Restaurant search and discovery the food delivery services we are helping with you. • You have a readymade food ordering business development idea we will help with you. • You can select the right place of the script very easy to achieve our goal to reach our level of the business world.

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JustEat Clone - Swiggy Clone - Zomato Script

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About The Script • Food ordering script most of the human are like and follow the method of online food ordering method any time anyway. • Most of the peoples are like the restaurant business even full planning day to day work this is a one of the top business u can rich the place. • According to the survey around 250 market scope for food delivery sectors available of the method.

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About The Script • Zomato Script to help the entrepreneur to start a business own way in high-level features to add. • Through our open table script to order the favorite food and recipes order to any location to deliver the food. • JustEat Clone as well as the website to allow the pick any restaurant favorite recipes to order any place any time any restaurant.

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About The Script • The source transactions we have added to the default payment gateway as PayPal. • The user can use cash on delivery and PayPal and credit card as they desired. • Once order the placed you can track the order id and download the booking details in PDF and post reviews based on restaurant.

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Thank You • To Contact Our Php Script Directory Team: • Website URL: • http://www.phpscriptdirectory.com/ • Mail Us: vsjayangmail.com • Make a Call: USA : +1 325 200 4515 • Make a Call: UK : +44 203 290 5530 • Make a Call: India : +91 979 003 3633

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