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Today, music enthusiasts don’t have to go to record bars just to get the recent albums of their favorite artists. Everything is easily accessible for downloading through the Internet. The Apple Company has developed an application called iTunes for the purpose of managing the audio and video from the person’s computer. This is also a place where one can download high quality and safe audio or video compared to other illegal sites. Prices for downloading songs from iTunes cost almost a $1 while movies range from $10-$20. Just to have a collection of 100 songs would cost you almost $100 which is quite difficult at this present economic crisis. Because of this, to be able to get free iTunes codes for them to avail music from their favorite artist is a treat everyone would love to have. There are so many websites in the Internet today that gives out free iTunes codes. You just have to search for reliable ones that give out freebies like this. There are many different ways to avail of free iTunes codes. The most common way to get this freebie is to register and set up an account. Points will then be given to you the moment you join and register an account. You will then be asked to complete offers and answer surveys from companies that will help improve their products or services. You will earn more points if you answer more surveys and/or complete more offers. Free iTunes codes will soon be yours as you continue to earn these points. You can also avail of free iTunes codes when you sample products and give opinions to certain companies. Because they don’t need it, there are people in the Internet who give out free iTunes codes you just have to search for them. By being the first to reply to their posting or answering some questions they post, you will then be given these codes. Buying certain products can also give you a chance to get free iTunes codes. This is part of the promotional stint of companies to get you to buy their products. An example would be Pepsi or Starbucks. The Company Apple also does this all the time. By purchasing their products, they will give you free iTunes gift codes Your favorite audio or video is at your fingertips for download after getting your free iTunes codes. In case you don’t have an iTunes application, you can always avail of it at the Internet for free. After installing the application, you should register your name and a valid email address. With the available 16 digit codes found in your iTunes code, you will have to fill it in for you to be able to search and download any of the songs you want. Any music lover would want to grab the opportunity to get free iTunes codes that will allow them to download quality songs without having to shell out money.

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