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Halo Reach is the newest and last of the Halo series that Microsoft exaggeratedly dubbed as the moist anticipated game in 2010.This time though, the hyperbole was in a way true. Hard core game players find the Halo Reach beyond their expectations. The game is so good that the player will keep on playing it over again. After a decade of several Halo series, Halo Reach is the last among Bungie’s creation. Halo Reach happened weeks before the first Halo game. In the first halo game, the lead character was Master Chief while in the Halo Reach is about a group of Spartan called the Noble Team. They are trained for battle. You will be playing the Spartan soldier named Noble 6.If you are a first time player, the planet Reach was a starting place of the biggest battle between humans and the Covenant. The Covenant is a collection of alien species that seeks to wipe out the human race which they see as their holy crusade. The theme of free Halo Reach is about heroism through defeat. In this game, the player will have to go through self sacrifice. It has so many similarities to the games before it. The game is still a quick played arcade shooter although Bungie has made some modification on how the game is played. The firearm used in this game was improved. In this new game, a player gets to have a permanent weapon that is always available for him to use. These abilities range from simply sprinting to using jet packs to even being invincible for a short period of time. None of the armor abilities were made to overpower instead it even has a downside to it when used. Because of this, the game is made more engaging than ever. Even the game’s enemies are tougher to beat. The aliens that you have to defeat are more dangerous and scheming. Halo Reach has one of the best multiplayer game mode. Even if this is the toughest game of all the Halo series, it is a game that you will find yourself engrossed for a long time. Halo Reach is indeed the perfect ending. As Bungie say goodbye and move on to a different project, they showed a maturity in the creation of Halo Reach. Improvements were done in so many aspects of the game that made it interesting and best. Everyone is looking for ways to get their hands on a free Halo Reach game. People are searching for websites in the Internet that gives out free games. You only have to create an account with your name and email address. Then take time out to answer some surveys and earn points that will allow you to get free Halo Reach game.

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