Visiting Dalai Lama Monastery in Dharamshala


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Beautiful natural surrounding with lakes and mountain then Dalai Lama monastery in Dharamshala is your place.


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Visiting Dalai Lama Monastery in Dharamshala:

As hobby most of us have travelling as it ignite excitement within us. Some of us even choose travelling as a job to fulfil this desire. Sometime we travel to seek modern cities and sometime the embraces of nature and sometime to seek knowledge and salvation, but no matter what we all like to travel. Visiting Dalai Lama Monastery in Dharamshala

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As to choose a travelling destination if you are searching for a place which contain religious devote and beautiful natural surrounding with lakes and mountain then Dalai Lama monastery in Dharamshala is your place. Dharamshala is a hill station which has the power to attract any traveller to its extraordinary beauty of nature. It is a very popular tourist spot with various lakes, mountains, beautiful forest and waterfall and excites anyone for an adventure. Dharamshala is also known for doors to accept pilgrims. The Dalai Lama monastery or complex is located in McLeod Ganj in Kangra Valley district of Himachal Pradesh. From mall centre in McLeod Ganj bus stand which is located in upper Dharmashala you just have to walk a 15 minute downhill along the temple road to reach the complex.

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To explore the peaceful and beautiful surrounding of the temple complex for traveller and visitor the monastery is daily open from the time of the sunrise to sunset. As a traveller you can take into account some things before heading towards Dharmashala : It is wise to wear comfortable footwear as you need to take uphill and downhill to the monastery. Preserving silence is essential in monastery and tries not to wonder around in the residential area.

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Taking photograph is prohibited in most of the area of monastery and during the learning time of the monks. Hence if you are thinking about taking photograph then ask for permission first so that you don’t get into any kind of trouble. In the monastery behave yourself orderly and follow the rules so that you can take your time and enjoy peaceful environment there . In the monastery you might need to follow some hard rule but it is essential to preserve its peace and culture. But even with the rules you can definitely able to watch is beauty and attain peace of mind.


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