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Here I reveal some super simple simple steps you must have before creating you website or choosing your niche.


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Getting Started Online:

Getting Started Online Getting Started online The right Way means building a real business online There's NO magic solutions, No quick fixes and it's certainly not going to happen overnight Despite what other say it's not that simple to succeed, it requires something special...

What It Takes:

What It Takes You MUST be passionate about succeeding You MUST be prepared to WORK HARD You MUST Stop looking for the magic button and follow a proven path to create a real lifelong business!

Where To Start:

Where To Start First of all you need to know what niche or market you wish to build a business in. Here are Big Money markets Like... Make Money Online Weight Loss / Fitness Dating / Relationships

Where To Start:

Where To Start However there are there are hundreds if not thousands of niches out there for you to choose from. One of the most important things for you to take note on if you want your business to be lifelong and enjoyable....then the niche you choose NEEDS to Interest you.

Choosing Your Niche:

Choosing Your Niche What Hobbies Do You Have? What could you do each day that would be enjoyable to you ? If you had to spend considerable time researching a topic you enjoy what would it be?

Traffic And Buyers:

Traffic And Buyers Although there are Products and Services out there for most niches, this does not mean there are automatically buyers in this niche! So we Can't just ASSUME that we can go into any Niche and start making Money if there are NO Buyers in that NICHE So we need to do some Market Research

Traffic And Buyers:

Traffic And Buyers You can check there is traffic in your chosen niche by using a the Free google adwords tool (just google it) You can check to see if there are buyers by looking to see if there are products and services for sale that are advertised in google adwords search results and checking out the adwords cpc, if they are paying $5 or more a click do you think they are making money in that niche...YES

What Next?:

What Next? So you have chosen your Niche... You have done your Research and you know that people are spend money in your Niche so you know you are going to Make Cash. You Know there are Buyers.

You Should Have Your Own BLOG!:

You Should Have Your Own BLOG! Just like I do you should definitely have your own blog that you post to regularly Having your own blog allows people to interact with you It provides a place where you can recommend products and services which of course = $$$$ cash for important to note I said reccomend NOT sell, nobody likes to be sold to.

I Don't Recommend This:

I Don't Recommend This You can setup FREE blogs like at blogger and but I REALLY dont recommend this. Free blogs like this give you far less control and can be taken down without any notice (not what you what if you plough week or months or even years of effort into it)... and it happens. You NEED To Have Complete Control.

Small MUST Haves...:

Small MUST Haves... Here are the must have Essentials that every marketer must have to build a solid business: cPanel Hosting ( About $10 p.m ) Your Domain Name ( About $9 ) Autoresponder ( About $20 p.m )

Special Offer:

Special Offer I decided to make a special offer for you, so a select few can that act fast can catch up fast How would you like me to install and setup your very own blog for you 100% Free Meaning I do all the tricky techie stuff so you don't have to struggle! So I can hand it to you and you can start operating your own blog... now

Has To Be Limited:

Has To Be Limited Of Course It Has to Be Limited so there is only so many I can help out there, so when I decide the doors will have to close. So let me explain how to take advantage of this and pass your hard work on to me.

Special Offer:

Special Offer I will install your blog onto your domain, install the theme and all the essential plugins, I actually use To claim this offer simply get one of the hosting packages at the link below this video or post at Daniel Harmes Dot Com

Special Offer:

Special Offer Once you have done that and you have your own hosting account simply email me at to claim your free blog setup Once you have done that I will be in touch to collect the needed information from you and get you setup asap.

PowerPoint Presentation:

There really is no trick or catch here, but I have to be honest with you I do earn a small commision for you purchasing your hosting via my link and as this is my favour to you, I want to help you, I Don't want any further payment Get your low cost cPanel hosting here at for Dans special offer If you already have suitable Cpanel hosting and you would like me to install your blog and add my magic then I can Arrange this for just $50 (contact me via email) Win - Win

Points to Note:

Points to Note You need to build a real internet business and it will change your life Its Not easy, but not out of reach keep pushing and have a reason why....and you will make it happen Are you a quitter or have you already...Quit

This Is Serious:

This Is Serious Right now you have two choices: 1. You ignore me and you continue on as you are and I wish you every success. 2. You listen to me and take advice and take action, if you do you will already be ahead of 99% of people that think about starting an online business.

No Shortcuts:

No Shortcuts There really are no shortcuts, however you can learn from my mistakes and save yourself from making the same ones. Don't get hung up on the techie stuff find a way to get past your struggles...get it done for you


Remember... The minimal things you are going to need: cPanel Hosting ( About $10 p.m ) Your Domain Name ( About $9 ) Autoresponder ( About $20 p.m ) If you would like any advice about these services then just ask me

Simply Go Here To Grab Your Hosting :

Simply Go Here To Grab Your Hosting Get your low cost cPanel hosting here at for Dans special offer Then Just Email Me At To CLAIM Your FREE Blog Setup And I Will Get Started

Let Me Know:

Let Me Know NOW!!! In the comments below let me know exactly what you are doing to take Action or what you are now going to do to take Action to make things Happen Because if you don't, nothing is going to happen your life is not going to change

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