GTA 5 Cheats Guide

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Some great cheats that you can use for the newly released gta 5 game. Possibly the most interesting and engaging game of 2013. Download, share and enjoy.


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GTA 5 Cheats Guide:

GTA 5 Cheats Guide 1

Quick Money tip:

Quick Money tip The quickest way to get money in gta 5 is to rob the cash delivery trucks. They appear as blips on the map. Find them, take care of the two drivers. Go to the back and shoot the door right between the two door handles and it should open up. Collect the cash and make a run for it! 2

Lose your wanted level:

Lose your wanted level Flee the scene of the crime. The quickest way to lose your wanted level is to change your getaway car without the cops seeing you. Or Just find a mod shop and re-spray your car, also make sure the cops don’t see you going in. 3

Ps3 gta5 cheat codes:

Ps3 gta5 cheat codes Run faster - + + + + L2, L1+ Get full armor and health + L1 R2 + + X + + 4

Xbox 360 gta cheat codes:

Xbox 360 gta cheat codes Become invisible Do a melee attack 5 + A + + + RB + + + AY + + A + + Y RB + B + B + + B + LT

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