A Complete Guide to Customizing Silver Rings

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The custom silver rings are a great choice for people who want to design their own ring instead of wearing a mass-produced design. You can personalize every element in your ring as per your wish with the help of a custom jewellery provider.


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A Complete Guide to Customizing Silver Rings Lately I went to numerous stores in the local market searching for an ideal ring design. After a long quest on both online and offline stores I couldn’t find a single ring that satisfied my yearning. The top jewelers in town had a plethora of options but none that matched my needs.

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From day one I knew that only ​custom silver rings ​store could give life to my fictional design but it costs the big bucks. I was wrong Here is are a few questions that I encountered during the buying process along with answers. This Q A will surely help people who are planning to get a silver ring customized. 1. ​What if I don’t have an idea of how the ring should look like Most of the custom stores will ask you to sketch the of ring you want on a piece of paper. Once you have created a rough draft using a computer-aided design software they will show you a graphic image with the same specifications.

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If you need any chances you have to tell the jeweler at this stage. Don’t panic if you haven’t figured out the look of your ring. The jewellery designer will separately show you the different elements of rings and their types. Starting with the centre stone you will be asked the number colour size and shape you will prefer. A ring can have single or multiple shanks. The settings of the stones can make them appear smaller or larger. A good designer will discuss all these elements of the ring to come with a design you will absolutely love. 2. ​What style should I choose I love the large vintage style ring but it’s worth spending money on an outdated trend It’s a common question among the custom jewellery clients. Is it your wedding ring You are the person who will wear this ring for a lifetime therefore your personal taste matters the most. Some people love to catch-up with the trends while others give more importance to their personal choice. A few people go for celebrity inspired ​custom silver rings. The fashion trends are dynamic. What’s new today will become outdated tomorrow. If you want to become a trendsetter researching the current trends is crucial. 3. ​ Is redesigning and customization different Both the custom and redesign jewellery are made from scratch. The only difference is redesigning is done by utilizing your old ring. For Example - You own a wedding ring that you loved to wear but now it has worn out badly. A jeweller can use your old ring and

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mould it into a new design. It reduces the overall cost as you are supplying the raw materials for your custom ring. 4. ​How will I access the quality of the custom jewellery All the precious metals are available in different purities for silver 925 Jewelry ​is the best option. Choose a jeweller who offers S925 hallmark on the ring. Also check for certification if your ring contains precious or semi-precious stones. 5. ​Is personalized 925 jewelry better than mass-produced jewellery Generally speaking yes. Custom jewellery requires a skilled bench jeweller who can transform a wax model into a finished piece. The intricate ring designing when done with the hand has a greater durability.

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