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Presentation Description, leading manufacturer of FRP provides industries with Roofing and Cladding services, FRP channels, beams and purling systems, custom profiles, walk able roofing and marine coastal structures.


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About Us ArchitEX being Treadwell's unique range of FRP products, are developed continually for use in the most demanding of structural conditions including FRP beams, fibreglass beams, rood purlins and height safety access grating.

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Our Product Structural FRP Fabricated FRP Structures Roofing & Cladding

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Structural FRP In modern world, focus and importance is more on the structures which can be developed easily, generate a long lifecycle, and can produce fast economic return. In this aspect FRP structures are gaining rapid recognition worldwide in the paradigm of building and development of infrastructure. FRP Roofing and Cladding can be of various use and importance to almost each and every functional arena. It can be used with or without the asbestos or cement roofing, Galvanized roofing or industrial roofing sheets for allowing the lights fall uniformly and scatter in almost equal magnitude. Typical Fabricated FRP structures include beam structure, column structure and plate structures. Most of the buildings based on the fiberglass platform generally use fabricated FRP core panels. Roofing & Cladding Fabricated FRP Structures

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