Freddie Andalaft- How to know your tech startup idea is good or not

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Freddie Andalaft is a successful businessman. Freddie is sharing some useful points to check out that is your startup idea good or not.


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Freddie Andalaft How To know your tech startup idea is good or not

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Freddie Andalaft Freddie Andalaft is a successful businessman. Freddie is sharing some useful points to check out that is your startup idea good or not. 1. Understand the problem that you going to solve. Before doing anything you need to understand the problem that you want to solve. Is the problem exists or not.

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Freddie Andalaft 2. Identify your target group. It is important to know your target audience. Your first step is to know who has the problem what are their goals and how are they dealing with that problem without your product. Try to find out where they look for information in what communities are they active and try to interact. Answer their questions show yourself as an expert.

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Freddie Andalaft 3. Talk about your idea. Talk about your idea. Don’t worry about stealing of your idea. When you discuss your idea in front of people so you get feedback for your idea. When you talk about your ideas so it is worth much more than the bare idea. 4. Establish a feedback loop. You should make your customers realize that you care and value their opinions you should develop relationships and build brand loyalty. Always be thankful for the feedback don’t hesitate to ask more questions. When you build your product let people know about it and ask for more feedback.

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Freddie Andalaft 5. Know your competitors. If you want to compete you need to know about your competitors. Note down that it’s not the competition with the people who have similar product but it’s also the competition of different design or some non-core features. Your competitors are the people who are solving the same problem – in any possible way.

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Freddie Andalaft 6. Understand your competitors. It is important to know the existence of your competitors but it is not enough. You should test out their products and to understand their content strategy look at their social media activities and most importantly –you should listen to their customers. Keep checking what people are talking about these products what problems they are facing and for which features they are requesting.

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Freddie Andalaft Remember that the idea is only a multiplication for the execution. If you are able to deliver a product or service in a way that is profitable you can succeed with a mediocre idea. But If you can’t you may lose with a brilliant one.

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