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Most Rear Entry Wheelchair Van have side ramps for access, platform lifts, rear entry lifts, under floor ramps, lowered floors as well as electric gas and brake, hand controls. For more details visit us


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D isabled Car C onversions Visit us :- Buying the right car once a disabled car conversion is part of your family is a difficult process.

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Visit us :- We shared our knowledge a year and a half ago when we bought “Rhonda”, our car, which is a Honda Odyssey. Wheelchair Lift Van Rental

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Visit us :- Obviously disabled car would not suit many people but we use this car conversion for business purposes during the week and as a family car on weekends.   Rear Entry Wheelchair V an

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Visit us :- If we are taking extra people with us, we take the wheels of the wheelchair and fold down the backrest and we can use one of the additional seats making the car a 6 seater . Mobility Car Conversions

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