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Frank Lollino is a basketball coach living in the Chicago, IL area. Throughout his long and fulfilling career, he has gained a number of valuable connections that have helped him get to where he is today. He has been a member of the Chicago Public League Basketball Coaches Association since 1999, the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association since 1999, and the NJCAA Basketball Coaches Association since 1997.


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Frank Lollino Biographical Information:

Frank Lollino Biographical Information Frank Lollino is a basketball coach who lives in Chicago, IL. As someone who has helped motivate younger people to not only engage in a healthy activity but also become the best they could be at whatever they do in life. He has been a positive role model in the lives of many. Frank Lollino is 5'9, 220 pounds and has brown hair with a flat top and brown eyes. He is an Italian-American who was born in Chicago at Columbus Hospital to his parents, Frank V. and Anna Marie, both of which are deceased. His sister is Laurie Taylor and brother-in-law was Tony, who is now deceased

Frank Lollino: UNICO History:

Frank Lollino: UNICO History UNICO as a way of doing exactly that. UNICO is an Italian-heritage organization that donates services and money to local organizations that help people in the community live better lives. “UNICO was founded on October 10, 1922 in Waterbury, Connecticut. A group of 15 men, led by Dr. Anthony P. Vastola, came together to create what has become a very special and very proud organization. It was Dr. Vastola's dream to create an Italian American service organization to engage in charitable works, support higher education, and perform patriotic deeds.

UNICO and National Civic League:

UNICO and National Civic League Frank Lollino is a proud supporter of the UNICO organization, a group comprised of Italian-Americans who come together to provide donations and services to benevolent organizations that bring aid to members of the community who need it most. UNICO merged with the National Civic League in the early 1900’s, as described on their website. “immediately following World War II, interest was created in merging two disparate groups who held a common idea and common vision; the creation of a truly National Italian American organization with chapters from Massachusetts to Oregon.

Frank Lollino: Major Research:

Frank Lollino: Major Research Frank Lollino is a basketball coach in the greater Chicago area who is always looking for ways to help his community be stronger, more opportune and safer for younger generations. Through supporting UNICO, he accomplishes many of these goals simply by donating and volunteering for the group, which not only helps with local relief efforts but also helps fund medical research for many issues that affect us all. Below, UNICO touches base on what kinds of research they have funded. “UNICO National has funded major research in Cooley's Anemia and Mental Health. Through its association with the Jimmy Valvano Foundation it has funded several $50,000 grants to help find a cure for Cancer.”


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