Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

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Presentation advises consumers on the necessary steps to be taken to protect themselves from identity theft.


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Overview : 

Overview Fraud Alerts Opt Out Of Solicitations Monitor Public Records Shred Sensitive Documents Remain Proactive

Credit Bureau Fraud Alerts : 

Credit Bureau Fraud Alerts Fraud alerts are a great way to help stop identity theft from happening to you. To set them up, call one of the major credit bureau reports to initiate it. By law, the credit bureau that you contact is required to contact the other two bureaus to notify them. By having a fraud alert on your credit file, anytime a request for new credit is made in your name, the creditor is required to call you and confirm that the request is in fact being made by you. Once this information is confirmed, the request can be processed. It is important to note that fraud alerts only remain active for 90 days at a time, so you will need to contact the credit bureaus at least 4 times per year to keep them active.

Opt Out Of Solicitations : 

Opt Out Of Solicitations Pre approved credit offers mailed to your home have been a long time favorite target of identity thieves. By opting out of receiving pre approved offers, you are able to significantly lessen your exposure to identity theft.

Monitor Public Records : 

Monitor Public Records By monitoring certain public records for your name and social security number, you are able to be notified of potential identity theft in the early stages of development, before your credit is negatively impacted. It is a good idea to monitor records such as the department of motor vehicles records, bankruptcy lien and judgment filings, and utilities. This can be a bit of a chore, but it is an excellent way to remain proactive in your fight against identity theft.

Shred Sensitive Documents : 

Shred Sensitive Documents Purchase a cross cut paper shredder so you can shred sensitive documents. Any time a pre-approved credit application is received in the mail, it is important to shred it right away if you do not plan to take advantage of the offer. Pre screened credit offers are a favorite target of identity thieves as they make obtaining credit very easy for them.

Remain Proactive : 

Remain Proactive If you are serious about protecting your personal identity, you may be best off enrolling in an identity theft protection service. There are several programs available ranging in price from $80 to $200 for an annual subscription. Many of these services can take care of almost all aspects of identity protection such as automatic fraud alert placement and renewals, removal of your name from solicitation lists, monitoring of your social security number and public records, and more. Along with the added benefit of identity theft insurance, which almost all programs offer, the cost is almost always worth it.

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Knowing how to protect yourself from identity theft is very important, but unless you take the necessary steps to apply this knowledge, you are still a prime target for identity theft. Compare Identity Theft Protection

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