Project based learning

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Research about project based learning.


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Project based learning

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Question 1 What real world problem do you want to work on

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Solving concrete hands-on real-world problems is satisfying and motivating for students.

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Healthy living project. Example

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Inspired by Example Clean neighbourhoods project

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Inspired by Natural disaster project Example

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Question 2 How will students find answers to solve the problems

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A team searched for answers to the problem  in books and articles  on websites.  by doing observations in relevant places.  by talking to teachers and experts. Adapted from

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Some students wanted to redesign an underutilized courtyard space on a school campus. What did they do:  They drafted revised and presented their ideas in formal presentations to their classmates.  They met with architects who shared their own plans and took student suggestions.

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Experts from the local community such as scientists politicans or business leaders can  be involved in the design of project-based experiences  mentor students throughout the process  participate on panels that review and evaluate the final projects in collaboration with teachers.

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Question 3 On which social media will you share results of your work

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Problem based learning helps students realize that their work has the potential to move and even change the hearts and minds of others for example when people watch their video on YouTube.

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