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Research about Montenegro.


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Question 1 Who live in Montenegro

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The population of Montenegro is increasing - and then it is going to fall

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Many dolphins live in the Bay of Kotor in the Western part of Montenegro.

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More than 2500 flamingos live in Montenegro and the number is rising.

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Question 2 What are some cities and places in Montenegro

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Cities People Podgorica 140000 Nik šić 60000 Herceg Novi 13000 Berane 12000 Bar 14000

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The coastline of Montenegro is about 300 km.

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The Tara river canyon in the Eastern part of Montenegro is 1300 metres deep. It is the 2 nd largest canyon in the world after the Colorado canyon in the USA.

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Question 3 What innovation potential is there in Montenegro

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There is a large potential to make Internet available for more people in Montegro. Only 60 use the Internet.

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Question 4 How is the political structure of Montenegro

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Montenegro is divided into 25 municipalities

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The president of Montenegro is directly elected for up to two 5-year terms.

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The 81 members of the Sk upš tina the parliament of Montenegro are elected for 4-year terms. Less than 20 of parliament members are women.

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