Expressing emotions

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Research about how we express emotions.


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Expressing emotions

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Question 1 How do emotions feel in our bodies

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Question 2 How can we express our emotions

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Possibility A. Express emotions unedited Example: Co-workers meet after work and release feelings about the worst customers and/or about managers – saying what they feel and think.

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Possibility B. Express emotions edited Example: Co-workers meet to share feelings about the worst customers and/or managers – but edits anger from the tone of their voices.

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Possibility C. Suppress emotions Example: A co-worker irritates you. You do not express anger about your co-worker before you get home to your family.

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Possibility D. Fabricate an emotion Example: 2 people have a disagreement. When a photo is taken they both smile although they are not happy.

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Possibility E. Substitute an emotion with another emotion Example: You are irritated by a certain rule or norm. You claim openly that you are excited about this although you are not.

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Question 3 How can we express emotions with our faces

slide 11: Joy / happiness

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In order for my happiness or unhappiness to be genuinely empathic it has to be happiness or unhappiness about what makes the other person happy.

slide 14: Surprise

slide 15: Anger

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slide 18: Sadness

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slide 20: Disgust

slide 21: Fear

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Question 4 How can we express emotions with our hands

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Before leaving work each day employees at Ubiquity Retirement + Savings register their emotions by pressing a button in the lobby. They have 5 buttons to choose from. One of the buttons is a smiley face.

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Avoid sending a message in the middle of a strong negative feeling for example anger.

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