Frugal innovation

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Examples of frugal innovation from housing, energy, transportation, and retail.


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Frugal innovation

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Part 1 What is frugal innovation

slide 3: Frugal innovation is about lowering the complexity and cost of producing a product - in a scalable and sustainable manner.

slide 4: Affordability simplicity quality and sustainability are 4 key values in frugal innovation.

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Part 2 Transportation examples

slide 6: What makes the cheap

slide 7: makes it simple for people to drive with each other and thereby save money.

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Part 3 Housing examples

slide 9: uses a 3D printer to construct houses. This process saves up to 60 of construction waste cuts production time by up to 70 and labour costs by up to 80.

slide 10: uses a 3D mud printer to build low cost houses from mud a clay.

slide 11: creates flooring products using rapidly-renewable materials such as walnut shells pine resin linseed oil jute and cork as well as recycled plastic material.

slide 12: make it simple for people to share apartments / houses with other people.

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Part 4 Energy examples

slide 14: is a a home solar system that comes in a kit containing a small solar panel 2 LED lamps an LED flashlight and a mobile phone charger. Although the entire kit costs 200 Kenyans can purchase it with an initial deposit of 35 and pay off the rest by making a daily micro-payment of 45 cents using

slide 15: Placing a PET bottle in their roofs people in the Philippines created light in houses fueled by the sun. Materials needed 1. PET soda bottle. 2. Galvanized iron sheet. 3. Rubber sealant. 4. Bleach. 5. Filtered water.

slide 16: is a tiny refrigerator sold by Instead of the traditional compressor the refrigerator uses a computer fan to cool the air. It works on a battery and is lightweight so you can easily bring the refrigerator with you.

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Part 5 Retail examples

slide 18: Ingvar Kamprad founder of reduced costs for furniture assembly storage and transportation by developing flat pack kits. The flat pack kits  took up less space than regular furniture  enabled customers to assemble their furniture themselves in a simple way.

slide 19: helped create maker spaces with 3D printers in retail stores. Thereby they help customers save money and consume sustainably.

slide 20: provides education for less than what it costs to educate a educate a state-school student. reduces costs by for example using modern technology and inviting parents to help with maintenance.

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