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The Morning Star Company

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Tomato paste is used in for example  ketchup  pizza  pasta  dipping and  barbecue sauces.

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To work with fellow colleagues customers suppliers and industry participants within a framework of solid integrity and openness in pursuit of voluntary and mutually beneficial transactions and relationships. To maintain our facilities in a clean and orderly condition with a pleasant appearance. Values of

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At there is no hierarchy and no titles.

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People who are new to participate in a workshop to learn about self management. For example people learn that with freedom comes responsibility. People learn to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. In other words they learn not to throw for example problems and decisions up the hierarchy and let bosses take care of it.

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A person who works uses the advice process to make a decision. He / she seeks advice from 1. people who have expertise about the topic and 2. people who will be affected by the decision. Considering all the advice he/she has received he/she makes his / her decision.

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The most important thing at is improvement. People suggest improvements in any area. This means that ideas for change come from all kinds of places and that that many ideas are tried out. minute 3.40

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At conflicts are handled using a 4-step procedure: Step 1 Go directly to the colleague. See if you can sort out your differences. Step 2 Bring in a 3rd colleague to mediate the argument. Step 3 Create a panel of 6 to 10 additional colleagues. Step 4 If steps 3 also fails the CEO Chris Rufer can be called upon to join the panel and help render a decision. This happens about 10 times every year.

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People working for write letters explaining how high their income should be. A panel reads through all letters. Experience shows that in general people are good at estimating the value of work they do. In a few cases members of the panel tell people that they have been too humble or asked for too much in comparison with their colleagues - and salaries are corrected upwards or downwards. Page 76.

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