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Question # 1: What love languages do we speak and understand? Question # 2: How do we find out which love languages we speak and understand well?


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Love languages

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Question 1 What love languages do we speak and understand

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Love language A: Kind words.  You cooked an excellent meal.  I will do the dishes after dinner.  You are great at doing the work you do.  You look wonderful in that jacket. chapter 4.

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Love language B: Time spent together  Listen to your partner without doing anything else.  Ask your partner what he/she wants to do with you. Then make a plan and do that.  Have dinner with your partner.  Have a cup of coffee together.  Go for a walk with your partner. chapter 5.

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Love language C: Gifts.  A piece of chocolate.  A flower.  A stone that looks like a heart.  A note with a greeting. chapter 6.

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Love language D. Acts of service.  Cook a meal.  Set the table.  Buy groceries.  Wash the dishes.  Wash clothes.  Vacuum floors.  Make the beds. chapter 7.

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Love language E. Physical touch.  Give your partner a hug.  Hold your partner’s hands.  Put your hand on your partner’s shoulder. chapter 8.

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Question 2 How do we find out which love languages we speak and understand well

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Question A In what way do you regularly express love to your partner location 1890.

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Question B1 On a scale from 1 to 10 how full is your love tank Question B2 What do you need the most from your partner in order to get your love tank filled up location 1890.

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