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Question # 1: How agreeable are you? Question # 2: How disagreeable are you?


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Question 1 How agreeable are you

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An agreeable person is kind caring and helpful person. She or he trusts other people wants to get along with others enjoys interacting with other people and finds it easy to cooperate with others. Social harmony is important for her / him.

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Agreeable people may find it difficult to  analyze the validity of arguments  make difficult decisions and/or  deliver bad news.

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Agreeable people may also find it difficult to work alone. To cope with stress for example agreeable people may turn to support networks.

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The more agreeable and conscientious a person is the more she / he tends to like his or her job.

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In work that involve frequent interaction or cooperation with others agreeableness and extraversion will be valid predictors. Five20personality20dimensions20and20job20performance20-20a20meta-analysis.pdf

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Sources Agreeable workers earn lower incomes than less agreeable workers.

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Tip for agreeable people Think ”I want to be perceived as fair” instead of ”I want to be liked.”

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Question 2 How disagreeable are you

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Disagreeable people are challenging competitive and aggressive.

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For disagreeable people it is more important to be right than to care about how to get along with others. Sometimes their skepticism about others motives causes them to be suspicious unfriendly and uncooperative. Disagreeable people are more likely to distance themselves from others. ‘

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If you want people to embrace new ideas you need to be willing to put your ideas on the line weather negative feedback and have the strength to convince people why your ideas have merit. Research shows that for these sharing and promotional aspects of creativity having a disagreeable personality may be an advantage.

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We tend to stereotype people in for example this way: Takers Disagreeable people. Givers Agreeable people. That is not correct. Giving and taking is based on our values. To give or to take are choices we make regardless of whether our personalities are agreeable or disagreeable. Givers can be disagreeable and takers can be agreeable. Page 191.

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Ideas for disagreeable people 1. Say what’s in it for others. 2. Use humour.

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