Computer Units of Measurement


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Computer Unit of Measurement “A measurement unit is a scalar quantity, defined and adopted by convention, with which any other quantity of the same kind can be compared to express the ratio of the two quantities as a number”(Wikipedia).

Storage Capacity : 

Storage Capacity

Unit of Speed : 

Unit of Speed

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X Multiply / Divide

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X Multiply / Divide

Perform the following conversions: : 

Perform the following conversions: 1,6 GB make ________MB 200 MB make__________KB 36.000 KB make _________GB 35.000 MB make _________GB 2GB make _________B 2,8 GHz make ________MHz 3.2 GHz make _________Hz 200 MHz make _________GHz 2000MHZ make_________ KHz 2500 Hz make __________KHz

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