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Having an active LinkedIn profile is a must for businesses today – both large and small. LinkedIn has become the number one online portal where professionals and colleagues connect to share a number of valuable resources


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10 LinkedIn Tips for Your Local Business:

10 LinkedIn Tips for Your Local Business Presented by: Fran Hylinski 408-480-5637

Tip #1:

Tip #1 Fill out every field – put some thought into it Add your image or company logo Use keywords where possible Completely Fill Out Your Profile

Tip #2:

Tip #2 Only takes a few seconds It’s free Will help give you credibility and connect with others Set up a Company Page on LinkedIn

Tip #3:

Tip #3 Make sure they list your company as their place of employment Ask them to follow each other pages to create a strong network for your brand Get All of Your Employees on LinkedIn

Tip #4:

Tip #4 Join LinkedIn groups related to your field Set aside time to communicate and engage with locals in your area Answer questions, give advice; just be active, but don’t over-promote your business Join Groups and Participate

Tip #5:

Tip #5 If you want to generate more leads to your business, this is crucial No one will find your business profile if it is set to “private” Make Sure Your Profile is Set to Public

Tip #6:

Tip #6 Showcase your talents and abilities when others recommend you Ask prior contacts to fill out a recommendation form Return the favor by recommending others as well Give and Receive Recommendations

Tip #7:

Tip #7 Create or attend events with this awesome feature Hosting events is a great way to meet potential customers Attending events is an effective way to display your areas of expertise Use LinkedIn Events

Tip #8:

Tip #8 Send your LinkedIn followers to your blog Always make sure the content you’re sharing is your own As simple as providing a link back to your blog Share Your Content on LinkedIn

Tip #9:

Tip #9 Go to LinkedIn “Answers” section to ask and answer questions Build credibility, authority status, and trust Could be potential customers there who need what you have to offer Ask and Answers Questions

Tip #10:

Tip #10 Stay actively involved with your LinkedIn account Posting once per month is not enough; be persistent and consistent Always add fresh, unique content Be Consistent in Your Efforts

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