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Trailer Research part 2 :

Trailer Research part 2 By Francesca Knight

Endless Love:

Endless Love This trailer begins with a piano playing over the top of the trailer, this automatically suggests to the audience that this is a sweat and innocent storyline in the film because the music is so calm and simple. The second shot in the trailer is a money shot of a young girl and boy both bending down to grab a couple of books, as this shot is played in slow motion when they couple have eye contract this automatically suggests that this film is a romance and with the music in the background is going to be a very innocent and new love. By this shot and the music it automatically draws in the attention of the target audience as they are interested to see how the couple work out. The shot quickly cuts to black with a sting of music which is very dark and mysterious in comparison to the piano, with this shot a white elegant text for titles is revealed. As the background is black this and plain this suggests that something bad is going to happen throughout the film and this is highlighted with the sting that is played through the transition. However the white elegant text also contrasts with that bad vibe as it is so elegant and pure which can highlight the young couples relationship. As our plot for our film is a paranormal romance, I think that this style of innocent piano music and quick change to black backgrounds with elegant white writing is something to consider for our trailer as it is very interesting and detailed to the trailer without giving too much information about the storyline away to our audience but still grabs their attention.


Titanic This trailer begins with real life footage of sunken ship at the bottom of the ocean which automatically grabs the attention of the audience as this is based on a real life event which is big in history, and a narrators voice over begins to speak over the top. A series of mid shots are then revealed as the voice over continues to speak, these shots grab the attention of the audience as they show real footage from the boat underwater and before it set off from Southampton. The trailer then continues to reveal shots from onboard the boat where the story is set and then shows dramatic scenes from when the boat is sinking which pulls the audience in. There are no text or titles shown over the trailer, however right at the end the sunken boat is revealed once more with the title ‘Titanic’ shown over the top in a bold silver writing. I think that this is effective as the background is a shot from the film and also the boat but I don’t think its as effective as there was not titles throughout the trailer.

Think Like A Man:

Think Like A Man This trailer opens to show a series of shots of men playing basketball and arguing about the game, this suggests that this film is based on this group of men and is from a mans point of view which is uncommon in romance/ romcom as they are normal based on women. From this opening scene it grabs the attention of the audience as it from a different point of view and grabs women’s attention as they found find it funny seeing it from this way. After this scene is finish the trailer then continues to play with music played over the top and a narrator voice over begins as well as revealing a series of scenes of different couples. I think this is effective as the music takes away the boring side to watching all these different people’s couple situation and still keeps the audience interested. These scenes also show that the film is going to be shown from a lot of different men’s point of view and that their is more than one situation and main characters. The titles for this trailer is revealed on a spilt screen of closeups of the main characters which helps the audience identify which actor plays who. I think this theory is interesting as most trailers do not to this in their titles and adds a different twist on the trailer. The text is also reveal in white and orange in a bold font which is eyecatchy and effective as it is bold and easy to read to the audience.

Love Actually:

Love Actually The opening of the trailer is a well know upbeat Michael Jackson song which already grabs that attention of that audience as its a well know song and they automatically know that this is going to be an uplifting romantic film. A series of shots of couples are then shown in different places doing different activities where a narrators voice over begins to speak, theses shots also highlight to the audience that this is going to be a uplifting romance and as some of the couples are doing stupid things, also suggests that its going to be a comedy as well. The titles to this film are shown with a transition that wipes across the screen to a different shot where the text is shown in small simple bold font and white and red colour. This is simple yet effective as the text enters with the transition, I think that the red and white in the text grabs the attention the audience as both the colours represent love and pure which highlight the genre of the film. I think that how the texts enter the screen with the transition is so effect and is something I will consider using in our trailer.

The Lucky One:

The Lucky One The trailer begins with a over play of spiritual music where a narrator voice over begins to tell his side of a story where a series of establishing and mid shots of a army based scene is revealed which automatically suggests to the audience that the main character is going to have a army background which also grabs the attention of the audience as this is a romance and its interesting to see how the background plays out in the relationship. Text is then revealed in a purple fade to blue colour which is interesting as its not one block colour which other trailers use which is interesting. The background of the text is also a off-white which fades into white in the centre which also reflects with the spiritual music at the start of the trailer and also highlights that this is a pure and innocent romance. I think that this use of colour in this style is effective as it is different to other trailers which is eye catchy to our audience and is something to consider when making our trailer.

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