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Trailer Research :

Trailer Research By Francesca Knight

Just Go With It :

Just Go With It The trailer starts with showing the company production logo ‘Colombia’ ‘Sony Pictures Entertainment Production’. The trailer then reveals a mid shot of a woman arguing and leaving a man, this automatically grabs the attention of the audience as jumps straight into the story. This shot is used in the trailer to draw the audience in to film to get them to want to pay to see this film in the cinema to see what happens to make them break up and what happens to the man afterwards. Music begins to play over the shot which is upbeat and happy which changes the whole view on the film making it sound like a comedy instead of a drama which will help grab the target audience for this genre. The titles then zoom out onto a white background with blue text which also highlights the fact that the film is going to be a upbeat happy film without giving too much of the plot away. The is then a voiceover of a man saying ‘On February 11 th ’ this informs the audience on when the film will be released into the cinemas. The same upbeat music carries on playing over different shots and scenes from the film continuing to lead the of

Thor: Dark World:

Thor: Dark World The director has chosen to start the trailer off with a sting of melatone music where a low angle shot is revealing a large set of golden castle doors opening setting the mise en scene to be in a rich medieval castle establishing to us what the characters in the film are going to sound like and present themselves like. This shot then fades to black with another metatone sting played to revel and over the shoulder mid shot of man dressed royal walking in slow motion, this automatically highlights that this character is one to watch and the main man of the film. Then we have a fade to black where a voice over begins to talk where a low angle long shot with low lighting of a outline of a man entering a room, this gives the impression that although this is a powerful and respectable royal man, he also has a dark side to him. The dark lighting connotates for darkness, evil, death and mysteriousness which automatically sets the genre and theme of the film to be a action. A long shot of a man in a golden locked room with a sycronised melatone sting revealing he has powers shows the audience that this genre is an action adventre /sci-fi. The lighting for this shot is very high key lighting where as the mise en scene for this new character is dark and grey which indicates that he is evil but misunderstood. A series of fades to blacks with close up shots of the two characters faces appear which reveals to us that the film is going to be bases on these two characters and as these scenes are revealed melatone music is continued over increasing the tension between the two characters indicating that these two could be going to war as there are soldiers marching in the background of the shots. The director then reveals in the trailer the Marvel logo revealing that the film is based on a comic book line which automatically draws in the specific target audience of comic book fans. The Marvel logo then transitions out with the red background rippling to the right hand side in the way a cape would move in the wind indicating that the main character is going to be a superhero, and also the cape symbolises the same as the character Thor wears in the comic books. As this shot transitions the melatone music continues and a new narator voice of an old man, which symbolises wisdom, as a series of establishing shot is revealed with black fade outs inbetween setting the scene for the film and also indicating that it is going to be in a set in a number of different settings.

Thor: Dark World:

A birds eye view shot of supernatural object ripping through the earth is shown which reveals to the audience that this film is going to be highly filled with action and thrilling scenes as the world is dramatically in danger. A serious of mid shots of people dying then follows with the melatone music continuing to play which also adds the dramatic scenes and tension setting the films tone. A tilt down shot of the main character flying down to earth with ambient lighting is then revealed to a mid shot of him landing and crouching on the floor where the pavement underneath him had cracked indicating that he is a very strong and powerful superhero, as he stands the shot then zooms in closer to reveal his emotion and that he is here to save people. The shot then fades to black to reveal a two person close up of a couple gazing into each others eyes which grabs female audience as this shot indicates that there is a romance throughout the film. A new establishing shot is reveal of a supernatural world which indicates that our main character could also come from a distance world and that this film bases throughout different planets and not just Earth. A serious of long shots of people fighting and dying in a war is then reveal with the melatone music with an orchestra singing over the top which adds to the tension of the theme of action and war. The trailer then continues to reveal bold, 3D text on a black background revealing that the film is realised to cinemas in November, and also reveals the title of the film in larger block text which is filled with the same colours and textures which the main character wears linking back to the mise en scene of the film. Thor: Dark World

You’re Next:

You’re Next The director has chosen to use a close up shot of a person putting a CD into a CD player where synchronous dramatic sting plays and the diegetic music begins as the logo for the film production appears, the shot then transitions to fade out to a long shot of a car driving up a deserted road, this sets the theme for the film to be deserted and creepy setting the theme for a horror film. The shot then transitions to black where white text appears as if a flash light has been shone across the screen. Multiple mid shots of scenes of a family taking pictures of each other showing that they are a close happy family, a fade to black with white text in the same style across the screen saying ‘the perfect family’, this also sets the scene for a chilling horror as the characters are an harmless family. The shot then fades to black with text saying ‘but in one moment’, the music then changes from happy to an chilling and daunting sting which changes the theme of the film to mysterious and scary. The shot then changes to a point of view shot looking into a kitchen threw the shot where a reflection of an animal mask then appears in the window, as the reflection appears a non-diegetic eerie sound plays as the reflection emerges changing the vibe of the film. A series of shots of arrows coming throw the window and a point of view shot looking down a crossbow at the house tells the audience that this is a horror film and its not for the faint hearted. The fast paced shots builds tension with the audience and make them want to go and see this film to get the same thrill they did about the trailer. I think this trailer is made really interesting and effective compared to the other trailers that I have looked at and we should consider making our trailer in this style as it is interesting and effective.

The Awkward Moment :

The Awkward Moment Unlike most trailer that show establishing shots and the company logo for the opening of their trailers, the producers have decided to jump straight to a series of shot reverse shots showing a group of young men arguing about a girl, this is effective as it immediately grabs the attention of the audience drawing them into the storyline. The trailer then continues to show a picture of the group using a slide in transition with bright yellow text show at the bottom, this use of transitions and bright coloured text is effective as it is interesting to look at. As this transition is showed happy chart music begins to play over the top of the trailer, by this style of music it automatically grabs the attention of the teenage target audience as it is modern and well known music. This also suggests that the film is going to aimed for younger people and because the music is happy and upbeat also suggests that the film is going to be funny and light-hearted. The trailer then reveals fast paced establishing shots of a urban city at night with loads of lights, this also grabs the attention of a younger target audience as it suggests that characters are going to be going out at night time making it more interesting for a younger audience to watch. After researching this trailer I think that the use of bright coloured text and interesting transitions for the text where they move across the screen is effective as it is interesting to read and look at grabbing the attention of our audience, I think that this is something to use in our trailer.

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