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How does your media product represent particular social groups?:

How does your media product represent particular social groups? Francesca Knight

Protagonist :

A protagonist is the main character which ends up in conflict because of the antagonist. In our media product our protagonist is Charly Goulding however we have chosen a sweet, innocent looking girl and made her to be a drug dealer which is the complete opposite of what our audience would have expected. This breaks her stereotype of being an innocent main character. In our opening sequence, we had the first shot of the protagonist with the other characters showing her higher up than the other characters showing that she is more important than the rest however, as the first scene is the characters arguing with her, is gives a spin on her character to let the audience know that she has a bad side. Protagonist

Antagonist :

An antagonist is a character that represents the opposition against which the protagonist must contend. We use the antagonist mise en scene to be light pastel colours and long flowing skirts and shirts to hide the fact that she was the bad character. We also made her Lithuanian with a sweet personality who cares a lot about her friends, this also hide the fact that she was really evil and adds to the tension and shock when she is revealed to be bad. We wanted to make ‘ Ivea ’ as innocent looking as possible so that she could break the sterotype of being blonde and dumb when she is really a strong, evil character. Antagonist

Video Analysis :

With showing the use of modern technology in our film i.e Iphones , this shows that our characters are young and up to date with modern technology. This also shows that our film is set in the present time. Video Analysis Compared to other action films containing young youth doing drug deals, the scene in which the deal happens contains violence, cars and guns ( i.e Ill Mannors ). Our drug deal is very calm with no violence, this could reflect the idea that the protagonist doesn’t want to be in portrayed as a bad person and that she doesn’t want to be doing what she is doing.

Different Camera Shots:

Different Camera Shots This medium shot of all the characters together at breakfast shows us that they are all close friends. It also shows us the differences between each character and where they come from. It shows that ‘ Charly Goulding ’ is the main character as she is higher than the rest and also her mise en scene shows us that she is a typical, casual, not dressy girl which looks innocent. Next shows ‘ Shaniqua ’ as a typical East London girl which is represented by her strong accent with mise en scene of bright t-shirts and hats. Being from London she is portrayed as the most dominant of the group who could easily intimidate the other characters however, as she stays quite during the argument scene not getting involved this proves that she is not as what she seems, proving she is a shy, quite girl. ‘ Ivea ’ is shown in the scene to be friendly and caring to what others are saying and getting involved into conversations portraying a nice young girl, however she is really the antagonist which is not suspected.

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