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P o e t r y B y M a t t h e w L .

Hyperbole Poem:

Hyperbole Poem I favor black. It’s as dark as night. It absorbs all colors of the color spectrum. It’s blacker than anything

Cinquain Poem:

Cinquain Poem Ice cream Ice cold tasty Freezing melting licking A nice cold treat for all to eat custard

Haiku Poem:

Haiku Poem Grass is green and nice We play in it all day long Grass is green and cool

Free Verse Poem About Color:

Free Verse Poem About Color Colors some favorite them. Some avoid. Some just use black and white. I use black and white.

Acrostic Poem:

Acrostic Poem Math is what I’m good at And I like sports Tonight I’m going to party like a king Today I will sleep and see nothing but black Having a nice day is my thing Evan comes with me We party hard

Personification Poem:

Personification Poem Life has its ups and downs. Good things bad things. Many say life is cruel, short but life has its ups and downs.

Alliteration Poem:

Alliteration Poem I drink my coffee on a cold corresponding day. I eat my ice cream on an icy day in a cone I drink my milk in the milky way in a murky swamp. I eat my ribs on a red stick in the red hot dessert. I eat my pizza on a pink plate in a pink place

Seasons Poem:

Seasons Poem Autumn is cool, summer is fast, spring is as slow as a slug and winter bites hard with its ice cold teeth. But seasons make the year go round. Some are slow some are fast some cold some warm and sometimes hot.

Concrete poem:

Concrete poem

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