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The Entrepreneurs are people who are a cut above the rest. They invest the best & maximum in terms of time talent & monetary resource in setting up state of art processes. But over a period of time,as the business grows the entrepreneur is too occupied & hard pressed for time to reevaluate the processes & re-engineer them. Processes tend to become obsolete in no time. This is where we can help in evaluating the existing processes, identifying the areas for redesign and planning a redesign & re-engineering for the processes. The quality may still not be as good as the one designed by the entrepreneur, but yes, we will try to bring as close as possible. You are welcome & encouraged to contact Shyam through his Linkedin profile. www.linkedin.com/in/fouress Come on....... Let us discuss informally over a cup of coffee (even Tea will do.)


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Manufacturing Processes:

Manufacturing Processes An in-depth ‘system’ audit on the ‘Defined Business Process’ A product specific audit of manufacturing controls based on Control Plan(s) A basic overview of the documentation & assessment of compliance levels including 5S house keeping, basic H&S risk assessment

Manufacturing Processes:

Manufacturing Processes An audit of the operator's work against his/her Operator Instructions, visual aids etc Process parameter controls and change method, SPC usage, identifying when changes have been made appropriately vs. 'tampering‘ etc.

Production Planning & controls:

Production Planning & controls Quality manuals & systems review and updations Adherence Internal performance measures Plant maintenance periodicity, quality, Calibration of measuring equipments frequency, quality ,technology updation Job documentation and standardization of processes Preventive maintenance plans and implementation frequency Audit of warehousing for materials at different stages conditions processes, policies Management’s relations with workers, Levels of interactions, encouragement, Morale levels

People Process:

People Process Morale of the work force  at all levels Existing succession management structure Interpersonal relationship between the cadres Conflict management effort & success Self Esteem levels


Benchmarking Customer-to-Cash operations – including order management, customer billing and collections Procure-to-Pay operations – including P.O. processing, receipts processing and accounts payable Account-to-Report operations – including fixed assets, GL accounting and external reporting

The Process Groups:

The Process Groups General Accounting Cash Disbursements Transactional Procurement Revenue Cycle Payroll

The Process Groups:

The Process Groups Client Relationship Management General Administration Service Migration

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