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Social Entrepreneurship This presentation is related to my lecture delivered at Hyderabad India on 31 st October 2010 The text of the lecture is available at

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Social Entrepreneurship Social Entrepreneurship An Introduction

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Social Entrepreneurship Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Entrepreneurship Are they the same?????

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Social Entrepreneurship What is Social Entrepreneurship Social Entrepreneurship is the use of business practices such as Business planning, project management, marketing and sales, for advancing social causes

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Social Entrepreneurship What do you need to be successful ??? A clearly stated purpose A governing structure, knowledgeable advisors Solid Business Plan Good Project Planning A target audience

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Social Entrepreneurship What do you need to be successful ??? A source of money &/ resources to run and expand the organization Scalability Good Communications, marketing and sales plan Solid Leadership A good working relationship with other community organizations

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Social Entrepreneurship How to go about it ??? Introduce the Concepts and Methods of Social Entrepreneurship Demonstrate how these methods can be used to address issues in the area of operation with examples of success area with similar conditions. Culture Sync. Community sync

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Social Entrepreneurship How do you set the Goals ??? MDG This is often the single hardest part of the whole process Ambiguous, unrealistic, or ill-defined goals have ruined many projects Start with small, easily-obtained goals and build on your success. Your goals will change as your project evolves

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Social Entrepreneurship “Plan to Fail”? Must have a ongoing detailed contingency plan.

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Social Entrepreneurship Planning to Fail??? What if few of your expected resources don’t come through? Your “target audience” is un-interested in your project Another competing project comes along & steals your thunder Your project idea is simply too strange for people to understand

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Social Entrepreneurship Planning to Fail??? The project requires far too much time & energy than you can give to it In order for the project to succeed it requires far more resources than originally anticipated Due to a major economic downturn, funds become tight for you target audience Times change & people’s interests shift to other projects

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Social Entrepreneurship Planning to Fail??? No entrepreneur would plan to fail Bur every social entrepreneur should have a plan to face a failure. With so many agencies, diverse demographics, people & perceptions involved Failure is a possibility and not an accident. Not planning for failure is as bad as failing to plan

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Social Entrepreneurship Plan alternatives for dealing with surplus or shortage of Manpower Funds Materials Machinery Project specific requirements

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Social Entrepreneurship If you are ready with these, you are ready with everything What Next??????

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Social Entrepreneurship Plunge into the next available project…….. What are you waiting for??? Be a worthy follower of Dr. Kalam, Prof. Yunus Make yourself humble & Make the Human Race proud

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Social Entrepreneurship Thanks for your Patience Your questions Please???

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Social Entrepreneurship Best wishes & All the success to Young Indian Entrepreneurs

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