Tips to Choose the Right Flowers for Any Occasion


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Flowers can be given for almost every occasion! Use the tips mentioned here to pick the perfect floral arrangement for birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day and more. Visit


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“ The Rose Speaks of Love Silently in a Language Known Only to the Heart ”


Colourful flower bouquets have become the perfect means for expressing your love and appreciation to someone special. Flowers can bring instant smile on anyone’s face, but having the right flowers for the right occasion can be even better. Here is a comprehensive list of flowers and flower arrangements as per occasions.


New Baby Flowers: If someone you know had a new born baby, create an arrangement of flower bouquet with some light colour flowers for a girl baby and primary colours for a boy baby. Or, you can also consider a beautiful mix of multi-coloured daisies for the mother.


Birthday Flowers: For birthdays, flowers can be of your choice, but make sure look beautiful and are colourful. You can create a flower bouquet with various shades of colors. For instance, if you are sure you want to be give roses, make it a vivid bunch!


Easter Flowers: Colourful flowers can bring a festive mood to the family gathering. White lilies and Daffodils are considered the classic symbol of Easter and represents love and hope, which is also perfect for students who love the week off and hope it will never end.


Mother’s Day Flowers: Your bouquet choice should always be your mother’s favourite flower and colour. But here are few suggestions: Chrysanthemums – Since, this flower has the word, “Mum”, it’s perfect. This flower represents excitement, truth, sharing and secret admiration.


Get Well Soon Flowers: Giving flowers to someone who is unwell is one of the best gestures anyone can make. You can gift Lilies, sunflowers, Orchids, roses and much more which will certainly lift his/her spirits.


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