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Bioremediation Bacteria saves the world

Oil Tanker:

Oil Tanker Oil tankers hold roughly about 82 million gallons of crude oil.

Oil Well platforms:

Oil Well platforms

What do they have in common?:

What do they have in common?

Deepwater Horizon :

Deepwater Horizon This is the explosion that happen in the Gulf of Mexico, that spewed 800 million liters of oil.

Effects of Oil Spills in Marine environment:

Effects of Oil Spills in Marine environment Forms a mixture known as mousse Hypothermia to marine animals Poisons marine animals


Petroleum Made up of long hydrocarbon chains Known associates of carcinogens

Methods used in cleaning up oil spills:

Methods used in cleaning up oil spills Floating sponges Skimmers Dispersment of oil by use of chemical agents Bioremediation


Bioremediation : the treatment of pollutants or waste (as in an oil spill, contaminated groundwater, or an industrial process) by the use of microorganisms (as bacteria) that break down the undesirable substances


Prokaryotes Bacteria

Meet the Good Guys:

Meet the Good Guys Vibrio cholerae

Examples of oil eating bacteria:

Examples of oil eating bacteria Mycobacterium Pseudomonas Sphingomonas Thalassolituus oleivorans Alcanivorax borkumensis

How bioremediation works:

How bioremediation works Bioaugmentation Biostimulation

Limiting factors of effective bioremediation:

Limiting factors of effective bioremediation Temperature Oxygen Nutrients


Conclusion The reasons bioremediation is sought after as an effective and responsible method of cleaning up oil spills is that it is cost effective and environmentally safe and unlike chemicals and machines the bacteria not only breakdown the hydrocarbons, it cleans ups the residue. It’s all natural.

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