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Indian sweets for Holi


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Holi - Memories Galore A bit of color here a bit of color there water balloon fights dancing on loud bollywood songs are some of the Holi celebration staples. Remember as children when holi would not be complete without sneaking in some color into school when new clothes were a strict no no oiling up every strand of hair every patch of skin was as important as buying colors balloons We would dig up old clothes invite friends over venture out despite the evident threat of getting drenched with water balloons accompanied by the patented dialogue “Bura na mano holi hai” Surprisingly we actually never felt bura would rather laugh it all off continue our walk home where helping Ma churn out Gujias for family friends awaited us. Then came the night before holi where gathering with your friends to prepare for all the sneaky balloon fighting was nothing less than exhilarating Unlike other festivals Holi would start with wearing shabby clothes positioning ourselves on terraces. Balloon fights Naach Gaana gorging on sweets applying colors throwing colorful water on friends some more sweets Aise manti thi Holi. At Fomokart we understand that even though the days have passed the places have changed the memories remain intact irreplaceable. Food is not just something to calm your hunger pangs it has a deep emotional connect the power to bring back all the memories to take you back to your happy place. And we can safely say that the longing to go back to relish your childhood again never really goes away. So in an attempt to bring you closer to what you were what you loved we at Fomokart work diligently day night bring you the best from the best in the best condition. You will be pleasantly surprised by

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our Gujias Ghevars Halwas. To bring those special memories we have introduced a yummy Fomokart Holi combo just for you.

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