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Recycle By: Olivia Matthews

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts Recycling is the process of taking a product at the end of its useful life and uses parts to make another product! People use recycled steal, they be creative and make stuff out of it They process more than 500 million tons of materials each day When animals loose there homes, they are at risk to becoming endangered or threatened animal species Recycling bins are collected over 4 million recyclables

Lesson Learned:

Lesson Learned I learned that if you don’t recycle the animals could get killed!! You should recycle paper, bottles, glasses, etc. You can make things out of recyclables to make something really creative out of. You can also go to the junkyard and get parts for your car there. You should also put recyclables in the recycle bin not the trash.

Spread the Word:

Spread the Word To help you should recycle recyclables in my recycle bin You should start to get recyclable materials and use it to make stuff and use it to be really creative You can also make flyers and make flyers and put them in the city of Pittsburgh You should also put recyclable things that you find on the ground and pick it up even if you think its gross


Pledge I pledge to pick up the recyclable stuff that you see on the ground and put it in the bin. I pledge to use both sides of a piece of paper. I will use a piece of paper that I'm not using and write it on the back. I will not throw recyclables in the trash. I will make things out of recyclables and be creative with them and use something out of them.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts By: Olivia Matthews

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