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Global Warming :

Global Warming By: Britney Hecht

Interesting Facts :

Interesting Facts Global Warming is an increase in the atmosphere and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution. ~ Volcano’s can make change by the ash that shoots out of it. ~ Animals and plants are changing faster because of Global Warming.

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts ~ Most changes are at fault of humans! ~ Global Warming affect greenhouses by taking away gasses needed ~Clouds have the power to either warm or cool the earth like Aerosols.

Lesson Learned :

Lesson Learned I learned that the hotter the climates the more the water rises! From here floods happen! This only happens to Costal Lands. The water rises near the Polar Icecaps. The sun melts them so then it turns to water and that’s why the water rises.

Spreading the Word:

Spreading the Word *I plan to spread the word by putting up posters at WALMART. I also plan to post a warning on YouTube. My last idea is to give out flyers.

My Pledge:

My Pledge I pledge to help people remember our earth and to help it stay clean. I also pledge to not waste food and electricity and especially water. My Last pledge is to help stay away from human faults.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts I think people really should take care of the earth. The earth gives you a place to live. I think that if people take care of the earth it won’t end in2012/2019! We should Take a stand and help the earth!! By: Britney Hecht

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