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Toxic Waste:

Toxic Waste By: Max Ginsburg

Facts on toxic waste.:

Facts on toxic waste. The liquid toxic waste could be liquid solid or sludge. Contain chemicals heavy metals radiation dangerous spathongens or other toxins. Household items such as batteries used computer equipment left over paints or pesticides. The waste can harm humans animals and plants if they encounter these toxins buried underground. The easiest way people injest toxic waste is by eating a lot of fish .Because a lot of toxic waste are in oceans and especially lakes and rivers.

My Lesson Learned on toxic waste.:

My Lesson Learned on toxic waste. I learned that toxic waste can kill anything in the world. I learned that it melts through the skin. I learned that if you breath it in you will die with out protection. I learned that you have to wear a gas mask anything else it will melt. I learned that any places where toxic waste is make sure to stay away from any of it.

My way of Spreading The Word:

My way of Spreading The Word My way of spreading the word is to put up signs warning people that they could be in danger. If you are near toxic waste make sure to stay away from it. Toxic waste can injure lots of people and enviroments . I will give the people web sites to go on to learn more about and what is in danger.

My Pledge on toxic waste is…:

My Pledge on toxic waste is… I… pledge to stay away from toxic waste so I do not die and let other people do stupid things around it. Toxic waste can burn you and give out diseases. People all over the world are dying from toxic waste and it needs to STOP now.

Random toxic waste pictures.:

Random toxic waste pictures.

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