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Climate Change:

Climate Change By: Cody Long

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts Climate change happens because when something changes the total amount of the suns energy absorbed by the earths atmosphere and surface. It also happens when something changes the heat energy from the earths surface.

Slide 3:

Climate change can also happen from the aerosols of green houses and volcanic eruptions.

Lesson Learned:

Lesson Learned I have learned that if areas were our crops grow are turning cold because of volcano eruptions and greenhouse aerosol gasses being released, then our crops will not grow and be shipped to our grocery stores. Without crops for our animals they will starve and die. Without animal meat for us to eat, WE WILL ALL DIE OF STARVATION!!!

Spreading the Word:

Spreading the Word Spread the word by not using harmful gasses in your greenhouses and keep the door to it closed

My Pledge:

My Pledge I pledge not to have any greenhouses in the U.S because they are causing the climate to be colder and with the climate being cold the crops will not grow and die and the animals will die and without meat from the animals we will all die of starvation.

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