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Climate Change:

Climate Change By: Caitlin Moss

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts Climate change is an average increase in earths temperature. A warmer earth can lead to rises in sea level because if glaciers melt, there will be more water in the oceans. A warmer earth can also lead to endangerment in wildlife and humans, and peculiar rainfall patterns. Climate change could also cause heat stress and other health problems. Climate change could also, bring droughts to places we grow crops too.

Lesson Learned:

Lesson Learned I learned that even the slightest thing you do can make a HUGE difference. If we keep sending gasses to greenhouses, the world could have many unusual climates. Such as snow in California and Florida, and warm winters. If we keep wasting earth’s resources, one day the earth may not be here. All you have to do is turn off a light that your not using to help stop climate change once in a while.

Spread the Word:

Spread the Word To stop climate change, I will: Turn off anything I am not using I will make posters telling people about climate change I will put an add in newspapers all over the world To stop climate change.

My Pledge:

My Pledge I pledge to …… Turn off electricity when I am not using it. And to not send gasses to greenhouses. Every little thing you do such as turning off a lamp that is not in use, can make a HUGE difference.

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